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365 Colors of Gratitude

I have always know the power that an attitude of gratitude has on one’s life. We always say that there are so many reasons to thank God, and yet not many of those who say so, can actually name a hundred. 365 Colors of Gratitude was a journey for me, naming and documenting one new thing to be grateful for, every day of the year 2015. Indeed it has been a journey, and this is a project that I wish to carry on into the year 2016.

So it is my pleasure to present to you, the 365 things I was grateful for in the year 2015. Enjoy!

Notice how I started, and how the list started to change after a while

  1. I’m grateful for pain
  2. Real friends
  3. Thank God for good times
  4. Thank God for Good People
  5. Memories
  6. Time
  7. Shelter
  8. Myself
  9. Bad decisions
  10. Blankets
  11. The Sun
  12. Crazy friends
  13. Serendipity
  14. My Parents
  15. I believe in God
  16. All that I know
  17. The grace of God
  18. Arguments
  19. Life
  20. Turkcell
  21. Tears
  22. I’m true to myself
  23. Common sense
  24. Joy
  25. (my agency’s website)
  26. The things I’m good at
  27. Living alone
  28. My dearest friend, Sommie
  29. That inner voice (6th sense)
  30. Family support
  31. Thank God for the attitude of Savings that I have
  32. What we have
  33. The times that we get to spend with loved ones
  34. Communication
  35. So much love to give
  36. Those “once in a while” moments
  37. Lonely moments
  38. I can forgive
  39. People to share life’s experiences with
  40. I pay my own bills
  41. Little victories
  42. Little pleasures of life
  43. I am becoming who I want to be
  44. Learning ability
  45. Hot refreshing showers
  46. Current conditions
  47. People that ahead of us in life
  48. I’m grateful for the privilege of being able to help others
  49. Uniforms
  50. Second Chances (broken bucket)
  51. The mop bucket
  52. I’m on the right track to an Extraordinary life
  53. Things we have control over
  54. Knowing when things are out of control
  55. Rain
  56. Bad times
  57. Positive mindedness
  58. Supportive friends
  59. Options
  60. I speak Turkish
  61. God’s protection
  62. Extrasensory Perception
  63. Misfortunes
  64. My Business values
  65. Quiet(ness)
  66. The Sabbath
  67. Internet
  68. My Independence
  69. Spring
  70. Patience
  71. I am trustworthy
  72. My Faith
  73. Knowledge
  74. The Camera
  75. Hope
  76. My Grateful heart
  77. My Mother
  78. I can cook
  79. I’m doing okay in life
  80. Motivation
  81. Smiles
  82. Mobile Phones
  83. Endurance
  84. I live 2 minutes away from work
  85. I know the difference between what I don’t like and what is wrong
  86. Import and export
  87. Thank God for Doctors
  88. Thank God for sleep
  89. Bicycles
  90. Good health
  91. Free time
  92. My legs
  93. Food
  94. Chocolate
  95. Malt
  96. Miracles
  97. Partnership
  98. Thank God for cheese sandwich biscuits
  99. Quick soups
  100. Childhood passions that I am still passionate about
  101. Cyprus Weather & Rain
  102. Forks
  103. Bluetooth
  104. Money
  105. Instagram
  106. Junk Food
  107. I have a voice and I can speak
  108. I don’t need alarms to wake up
  109. Soap
  110. Dreams, that we can dream when we sleep
  111. Thank God we can cry to express feelings and emotions that cannot be expressed in any other way
  112. My ability to remember the good times of my past
  113. Thank God for free stuff!
  114. I’m grateful for the opportunity to add value to the lives of others
  115. I’m grateful for red wine
  116. I’m grateful for my past, because it is part of who and what I am today
  117. I’m grateful for the level of humility I poses
  118. Thank God for willpower
  119. I’m grateful that we can write, to express ourselves in written words
  120. Thank God that I can breath, without any major problems
  121. I’m grateful for calories, those invisible things that give us the strength to physically go through each day
  122. I’m grateful for Apple Cider Vinegar, because it makes my tea taste really good
  123. Thank God I don’t get heat rashes
  124. Thank God for fish
  125. Human emotions
  126. I’m grateful for Emi, my Superwoman, who never misses an opportunity to show kindness and lift others up. Sometimes I wonder how she does it, how she can think for and about others, things that they don’t even think (or forget to think lol) for themselves… she’s just amazing!
  127. Thank God for rejection, because it can sometimes be the reassurance that we need
  128. Courage
  129. I’m grateful for heartbreaks, because they have made me able to love fearlessly
  130. Music
  131. I’m grateful for my body
  132. I’m grateful for eyesight
  133. I’ve never considered myself a lucky person, but lately I have received some kind of luck, more than once and for that I am grateful!
  134. I’m grateful for love
  135. I’m grateful for laughter
  136. Thank God for Whatsapp!
  137. I’m grateful for good conscience
  138. I’m grateful that I was able to sell my bicycle today
  139. I’m grateful for my new laptop
  140. I’m grateful for Roselia Hendrix
  141. I’m grateful that I can wake up early in the morning to start my day on time
  142. I’m grateful for the fact that I’m leaving this job soon to pursue my dreams
  143. I’m grateful for the N10,000 Naira that I got from Trade Spotter’s giveaway
  144. I’m grateful that today was officially my last working day at Özkan Corporationn
  145. I’m grateful for work leaves
  146. I’m grateful that I woke up this morning and did not have to worry about going to work!
  147. I’m grateful that I can take walks
  148. I’m grateful for my personal growth. In secondary school I walked 1KM for the first time and it felt like a major accomplishment. Today I walk up to 8KM daily and it feel “normal”. This is just one example of how much I have grown, and I am grateful
  149. I’m grateful for opportunities
  150. I’m grateful for Raisa Bors
  151. I’m grateful that Emi forgave me
  152. I’m grateful I was able to drain my ganglion cyst and it hasn’t come back yet
  153. I’m grateful for the many people who gave their time to teach me Turkish
  154. I’m grateful for Fisayo and his support recently
  155. I’m grateful for the good times I’ve had in Cyprus
  156. I am ‎grateful for those people who know more than me (if even if by a little) and have pointed me in the right direction
  157. I’m grateful for my father
  158. I’m grateful for the money that we waste, because it could have been worse if we didn’t have that money in the first place
  159. I’m grateful for Tobore’s progress in life
  160. I’m grateful for the courage to follow my dreams and return back to Nigeria
  161. I’m grateful for my new phone
  162. I’m grateful for Samson Aligba and for the opportunity he presented me to work with interswitch
  163. I’m grateful I was able to work on Nigerian Blog Reviews
  164. I’m grateful daddy was able to do his MRI scan today
  165. I’m grateful that I was able to meet with Tobore
  166. Thank God for the generator
  167. Thank God for Facebook, because of the new friends and connections I’ve made via Facebook, like Christian Obi
  168. I’m grateful for free data plans
  169. I thank God that I can deposit and withdraw foreign currencies at GTB
  170. I’m glad that I met Rebecca 🙂
  171. I’m grateful that I could get another receipt printout for my phone to activate my free data plan
  172. I’m grateful for the weather in Lagos today; it rained, so it was cool today
  173. Thank God for safe journey and fast journey from Lagos to Benin
  174. Thank God I did a blood pressure test today, and learned that my blood pressure is higher than normal
  175. I’m grateful for daddy’s recovery
  176. I’m grateful that I could sleep from yesterday evening until this morning
  177. I’m grateful that Theophilus has a job now
  178. I’m grateful for the birds that sing all day long… They make life beautiful to listen to
  179. Thank God for the washing machine
  180. Thank God for those people who gave me a good time in the past
  181. Thank God that I made it up to day 180 of things I’m grateful for everyday
  182. I’m grateful for my dreams, goals and aspirations
  183. I thank God that sometimes I can admit when I’m wrong, and I know it
  184. Thank God for Elizabeth Era
  185. I’m grateful for my new office space, where DeQeo Consulting will be
  186. I’m grateful for the things that I have learned over time, and the experiences I have gathered thus far
  187. I’m grateful that I can sit to enjoy a good movie with my sister
  188. I’m grateful we were able to meet with Mr. Amechi today
  189. I’m grateful for the money daddy gave me to setup DeQeo Consulting’s office
  190. I’m grateful for sexual attraction
  191. Thank God I was able to withdraw $50 from my GTB account, even though the account was restricted
  192. I’m grateful for EUL’s visit to Nigeria
  193. I’m grateful for the success of EUL’s on-spot admission in Lagos
  194. Thank God for Iyare Motors, my favorite transport line from Lagos
  195. Thank God I was able to give a very good presentation at EUL’s on-spot admission in Benin
  196. I’m grateful for Furniture
  197. Thank God for providing extra money to partition my new office
  198. I’m grateful for the work that started at the office today
  199. I’m grateful that I finally got to meet with Ochuko from Instagram today
  200. Thank God for carpenters
  201. I’m grateful I was able to see a movie at the cinema with Onome today
  202. Thank God for corn
  203. Thank God I was still able to get to the bank, despite the riot at UNIBEN main gate
  204. I’m grateful for my physique, and that I still look good naked
  205. Thank God for professionals and their professional work ethics
  206. I’m glad that I spoke to Tobore about what was on my mind, so I’m grateful for her response
  207. Thank God for Lucky, my father’s driver
  208. Thank God for kisses!
  209. Thank God for Egusi soup
  210. Thank God for Akin (carpets)
  211. Thank God for Nigeria, my country
  212. Thank God for Visafone!
  213. Thank God for alternate electric power supply
  214. I thank God that I don’t need much food
  215. Thank God Onome has been proposed to
  216. Thank God for my driving license
  217. Thank God for Garlic
  218. Thank God for diesel
  219. Thank God for the evening breeze
  220. Thank God for dreams that have real meanings
  221. Thank God for 220 days of life in the year 2015
  222. Thank God for doors
  223. Thank God for technology
  224. Thank God I could sleep some, last night
  225. Thank God for satellite television
  226. Thank God for my father
  227. I’m grateful for BackandFront
  228. Thank God for powdered milk
  229. I’m thankful that we were able to put money together to get daddy a new tab
  230. I’m grateful for my new office is practically ready
  231. Thank God for Pikolo and his handwork
  232. I’m thankful that I know how to drive a car
  233. Thank God for UBA
  234. Thank God for pride, the kind of pride that makes people do good things that they normally wouldn’t, just to protect their pride
  235. I’m grateful for the kind of lifestyle that my family can afford, despite everything
  236. Thank God for connections
  237. Thank God for the black nylon bag
  238. I thank God for adding another year to Onome’s life
  239. Thank God for cement
  240. I’m grateful for worry
  241. I am thankful that I can still enjoy Turkish Coffee in Nigeria
  242. I thank God that my body system does not react to foods that I eat, especially over long distances
  243. Thank God for cheap hotels
  244. I’m grateful for second hand car dealers
  245. Thank God for Benin Republic
  246. Thank God for electricians
  247. Thank God for “Mama Put”
  248. Thank God for Ali the driver
  249. Thank God for PHCN
  250. Thank God for my sister, Onome
  251. Thank God for adding a year to my age yesterday
  252. I’m thankful for inverters
  253. Thank God my car is now back in my possession
  254. Thank God for the kind of sunshine in Nigeria that lets clothes dry properly
  255. Thank God for fast cars
  256. I’m grateful that the new inveter works
  257. Thank God for second hand clothes
  258. Thank God for death, for it is the only exit out of this thing we call life
  259. Thank God that I’m not such a deep sleeper
  260. Thank God for generators
  261. Thank God for auto mechanics
  262. I’m grateful for the Bible
  263. The fear of God is the beginning of wisdom
  264. Thank God for cocktail drinks
  265. Thank God for the networked roads of Benin City
  266. Thank God for artisans, even though they do crappy jobs
  267. Thank God for holidays
  268. I’m grateful that I no longer have to pay 5,000 naira to diagnose the leakage of fuel in my car
  269. Thank God for mosquito nets!
  270. Thank God for friendship
  271. I’m thankful for windows, that keep smoke, rain and stuff out
  272. Thank God for inexperience, for it leaves room for much improvement
  273. Thank Jesus for saving us from what could have been a serious motor accident on the day we brought my car from Lagos to Benin
  274. Thank God for the information and knowledge that I have of the physical world we live in
  275. Thank God for power banks because they really save your ass when there’s no power
  276. Thank God for traffic jams because without them, we would not really appreciate free and smooth traffic
  277. I thank God for the fact that I’m not an average developer, because I am actually passionate about what I do and about problem solving
  278. Thank God for the new diesel generator we just got because it is way more economical than the old diesel generator we had that was drinking a lot of diesel.
  279. Thank God for James Obaje because he’s given me a place at Abuja to stay, twice
  280. Thank God for imitations as they provide a cheaper alternative to the original products
  281. Sharwamas taste soo good… Thank God for Sharwamas
  282. I’m grateful for the people I have in Abuja for they will be be very instrumental in my relocation to Abuja
  283. I’m thankful for ceiling fans because they can be a good substitute for air conditioners
  284. Thank God for source control technology that lets developers like myself time travel back into past versions of their codes
  285. Thank God for desperate people, because their desperation can be your advantage at times
  286. Thank God for fresh fruits that give the body vitamins and nutrients, and taste so damn good!
  287. Thank God for Kevin Ijeoma; I would have been in shit countless times, if not for him!
  288. Even though everybody knows what it is when you carry one… thank God still for the black money bag
  289. Thank God for taxes, as a way for the government to earn some; I’m happy to pay tax 🙂
  290. I thank God for my personal office, a place I can always go to, to “get away” and get some work done. It is nice 🙂
  291. Although it makes some people completely lazy, I thank God for the remote control, for the convenience of control and not having so many buttons on the device it actually controls 🙂
  292. Thank God for sound systems with quality sounds that allow you enjoy really good music
  293. Thank God for umbrellas because they help keep the upper body (mostly) dry, in the rain
  294. Thank God for those people who share their knowledge freely with the world via the internet. Because of them, I know so much without having to read actual books!
  295. I thank God for the opportunity to help people through DeQeo Consulting
  296. Thank God for enlightenment
  297. Thank God for bad health; until we fall ill, we never really appreciate good health, hence we take our health for granted
  298. Thank God for water, the most important ingredient for life
  299. I am not a fan of reading phyiscal books, but I appreciate them nonetheless. Thank God for books!
  300. Often times, people refuse to believe my age because I can sometimes manage to relate with people at their own level… irrespective of their age. I’m thankful for that
  301. Thank God for the art of meditation and mindfulness. Today while meditating I realized that the situation I found myself earlier, was not my fault. I did not have to feel regret at all
  302. Thank God for muscles because they enable us carry out all kinds of movements, even without being able to identify every single muscle. It’s amazing, isn’t it?
  303. Thank God for Paracetamol, a caffeine-free alternative to Panadol
  304. Thank God for salt, and the flavor it adds to food, and for stopping bleeding, and for making bleach, and for quick relief from pepper in the eyes, and so on
  305. Thank God for the daily devotional guide, Every Day With Jesus
  306. Thank God for flip-flops or slippers. Besides being one of the most comfortable footwear ever, they can sometimes be all the protection your feet (and toes) need
  307. Thank God for those people with whom we can comfortably share secrets with; without you, some of us will go crazy!
  308. One way to express affection or comfort is by giving hugs… thank God for hugs!
  309. I thank God for my education, and I do not mean school or degrees. I mean how learned and educated I am as a person.
  310. Thank God for Silence
  311. Thank God for LinkedIn Pulse, a platform through which you can write and reach out to certain kinds of people. It’s another way to get my work out there
  312. I’ve been sick, off and on for the past week or two. But thank God that I never lost my appetite
  313. Thank God for cobblers who mend shoes and give shoes a second chance
  314. Thank God for surnames, one way to carry your legacy forward and beyond your generation
  315. Thank God for Android, the free mobile operating system
  316. Thank God for spare tires, your only way out of a flat tire on the highway
  317. Thank God for free internet!
  318. Thank God for good roads that let people like me enjoy driving
  319. Thank God for journey mercies, driving from Benin to Warri and back
  320. I thank God that I am my own boss right now
  321. I want to publish my book first as an eBook, but if it were 20 years ago, that probably wouldn’t have been possible. Thank God that we can publish eBooks as an alternative to physical books
  322. You can either exchange your time directly for money, or work once in a way that money just keeps coming. Thank God for residual income
  323. Thank God for seeds because they let us reproduce our favorites plants and fruits, like this good looking PawPaw
  324. Thank God for cakes, sweat edible heavenly pieces
  325. I thank God for fair weather, because I don’t have to wash Kito as much lol
  326. Thank God for spices that make food taste so damn good!
  327. Sometimes we get carried away with work that we forget to rest. But I thank God that we feel tired and it forces us to get the rest that our bodies deserve
  328. There are friends who only come to you when they need something and there are friends you only go to when you need their help. But let us thank God for those friends who create time to spend with you, and make the time worthwhile
  329. Even as a computer programmer, I hate Mathematics. I even get stuck with arithmetic, sometimes. But thank God for calculators, that make calculations all the more easier for people like me
  330. Thank God for life ambitions
  331. I thank God for sending his son in the form of Jesus Christ, to give us a permanent second chance. Now, I can face tomorrow
  332. I believe that everything we experience in life is meant to be a lesson. That lesson could be for you, or for someone else whom you may someday come across in life. So let us thank God for the things we experience in our lives, from which others can learn lessons.
  333. I’m thankful that my latest article got featured in 2 categories on LinkedIn Pulse. It is a privilege
  334. Some friends will stick closer than a sibling, advise you like a mother, care for you like a lover, and still make fun of you like a good friend. But despite the ups and the downs, they remain your friend, even after years have passed. Thank God for friends like Mosun, that even after our fights back in Kibris, we are still friends today… that’s what matters!
  335. I believe there’s no such thing as coincidence, but when coincidences happen, they are just amazing. So let us thank God for His perfect timing which we, in our unawareness, call coincidence
  336. Im grateful to God for my dear friend, Mophresh. She gave me a wake-up call this evening.
  337. Thank God for chemistry, there kind that goes on between two people who like each other
  338. Thank God that I am intolerant to caffeine; it’s like one of my super powers 🙂
  339. I started compiling a 6 minute summary video of my 2015, and I just have to say… Thank God for Software Engineers!
  340. I have been writing everyday for the past 340 days, and I thank God for that.
  341. Even thought there is a general lack of it, Kindness keeps the world afloat. Since becoming a Kindness Ambassador, I have been exposed to a world of kindness in ways that I did not know or experience before. So today, I am thankful for the virtue that is Kindness
  342. I’m grateful for the opportunity to help out with sonething on the LVI’s Kindness Ambassadors’ Facebook group
  343. Thank God for snow!
  344. Thank God for hanmatan, a time of the year when I can dress “normally” again
  345. I’m grateful for the success of my younger sister’s traditional wedding
  346. How else can you prove that you’ve been somewhere or had a certain experience, without a souvenir? I’m thankful for souvenirs
  347. Despite losing weight in the last 5 months, staying away from food is hard in this house. It might sound like a problem, but I thank God that there’s always food in the house, especially after breakfast
  348. It’s amazing how I can bank from the comfort of my own bed. Thank God for Internet Banking
  349. I’m just glad that we could take our family portrait today
  350. I’ve learned quite a bit from relating with my new friend, Adesuwa… I’m grateful for her friendship
  351. I’m grateful that Fego got back home safely, and so did everyone else who came for Onome’s wedding
  352. Without lack, we cannot appreciate abundance, often. Thank God for the state of being broke
  353. I don’t know how it all started, but I’m grateful for Neurologists, the electricians of the human body
  354. It’s been tough and challenging since I returned to Nigeria, but I thank God that I still do not feel a single ounce of regret. Don’t get me wrong, I still miss some things about Cyprus like it was yesterday.
  355. Laws are meant to keep us safe, most of the time. But I’m thankful for traffic laws, even though people think they’re too wise to obey them
  356. Thank God for the Christmas holidays, for an opportunity to rest, spend time with family and with friends
  357. My father was having a talk with me about money, and I realized a wise move I may have made unconsciously. I just have to say I’m thankful for the financial wisdom I’ve acquired over the years
  358. The reaction has been very positive, especially from children. I’m grateful for my “father Christmas cap”, as one little girl called it this morning lol
  359. Time with family was one of the items on my Christmas list. Thanks to DSTv, that wish came through when I found myself laughing with my mother, and later my sister, as we watched a stand up comedy show on Comedy Central
  360. Thank God for reunions because it is an opportunity to meet with people you would not have otherwise met
  361. They say time spent with friends is good therapy. I’m just thankful that I could spend time with some friends this Christmas
  362. I worked like a like a cofounder, even like a founder, yet I wasn’t.
    However, there were 3 lessons learned from working in Cyprus: 1. I have good and valuable skills; 2. I am loyal; 3. I am hardworking. And for this, today, I am grateful
  363. I’m thankful for my mother turning 64 years old today
  364. I was doing some reflections when I realized that December 2015 has been a month full of celebrations for me and my family, and I am grateful for that
  365. Lately, I have had a few fights with a new friend, and it seems to have brought us closer. As I pondered on this, I realised this, I realized that the friends we fight with the most, are often the ones we form deep and meaningful connections with. It is this way though, because you both value each other. So as I am for the good times, I am grateful for the fights that draw friends closer than ever, and for the fact that true friends do value friendship well enough not to let a little misunderstanding tear them apart. 2015 has been wonderful… Happy new year 2016 to all my real friends