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52 Weeks of Gratitude Challenge

I took my first gratitude challenge back in the year 2012. The challenge was to write down 3 things I was grateful for daily, for 30 days. In the end, I should have listed 90 things I was grateful for. But unfortunately, I only made it to 69 things I’m grateful for.

I really took that challenge was because I love a good challenge. I like to challenge myself and push myself to new heights in life. Also, the person who proposed the challenge said that it would teach one to be more happier in life, by causing one to see things in a more positive way. I knew how amazing my life was because of my positive attitude, so I wanted this for my friends too. In fact, one of my friends said that I didn’t need the exercise because I was about the most positive person she knew (I think she exaggerated a little lol).

Then a few days before rounding up my daily gratitude challenge for 2015, a friend invited me to take a 52 Weeks of Gratitude Challenge in 2016. So, why not?

The focus for the first week (Jan. 3 – Jan. 9) of the 52 Weeks of Gratitude Challenge was:

Why Start this Challenge?

So… why start this challenge? Well like I mentioned earlier, I love a good challenge and I love to challenge myself every once in a while. Nevertheless, I have had to think about why I decided to take this challenge, and I will share the other reasons with you.

I had already decided that after writing one thing I was grateful for daily in 2015, this was a project that I definitely wanted to carry forward into 2016. And as I was discussing this with a friend late last year, I realized something.

As a Christian, I am used to the statement “there are so many things to thank God for”, and I bet you must have heard that statement too. But when I asked a (Christian) friend who agreed to that statement to take the 52 weeks of gratitude challenge with me, she said “what is the point if you will just keep repeating the same things?” She continued, saying “everyday, we are grateful for life, so I will just keep writing ‘I’m grateful for life’!”.

But I stopped her right there! I challenged her saying… we love to say that there are hundreds of things to be grateful to God for, but then you cannot actually name a new thing to be thankful to Him for, every day? Why not put your money where your mouth is, and prove that indeed, there are hundreds of things to be thankful to God for! She gave it a second thought, but I am yet to hear from her on that.

So another reason I’m taking this challenge is to prove that indeed, there are hundreds (if not thousands) of different things to be grateful (to God) for. I have writing 365 different things that I was grateful (to God) for during the course of the year 2015, and I am willing to give it another try in 2016. However, this 52 weeks of gratitude challenge makes it easier because there is a guide (below).

52 Weeks of Gratitude Challenge

Finally, I am taking this 52 weeks of gratitude challenge to support my friend who challenged me, Rosie Hendrix. Together, we have challenged other Kindness Ambassadors to take part in the challenge and we are showing our support for everyone who decides to take part, by publishing our experiences on our blogs.

If you would like to follow my progress on this journey, then please sign up for updates in the little box on the left-hand side of this page. Every weekend, I will email you about my new post about my gratitude challenge. You can also just sign up for updates to my regular weekly blog posts, if you like.

I also welcome you to join us in this challenge. If indeed there are “so many” things to be grateful for, then us prove it… together.

Another reason you should consider this challenge is because an attitude of gratitude takes you a long way in life. Go do your research, and the successful will tell you over and over again, that expressing gratitude (daily) has a way of transforming your life both physiologically and spiritually.

I have created a Calendar with the focus for each week of the gratitude challenge already set. If you like, you can Contact Me to share this calendar with you; each Sunday, you will get a reminder for the focus of gratitude for that week. Good luck!

To your happiness…


7 things I was grateful for during the 1st week of this 52 weeks of gratitude challenge:

  1. I have always been concerned about having a good body, and thank God I still look good naked. But I am grateful that I don’t have a fat, giggly belly!
  2. I’m grateful for the human mind and all that it can achieve
  3. I’m grateful for the (mental) strength and willpower to go through until this 4th day of fasting and prayers
  4. Petrol has gotten expensive, and I don’t have much money these days. Nevertheless, I somehow managed to buy petrol for someone today. I didn’t intend to or plan to, but I’m grateful that I did because I made at least 2 happy today 🙂
  5. Success has it’s cost; you cannot enjoy success without suffering the cost. I have learned to think of what I want, more in terms of what it will cost me, than the results… And I am grateful for this realization and new way of thinking
  6. Thank God for hunger, that makes us appreciate food even more
  7. Growing up as a child, I had serious self-esteem issues. Though that was in the past, I still do not think much of myself. Nevertheless, a good number of people look up to me, still, and I am grateful for this
  8. I have learned a lesson, valuable too, from every relationship from my last. So I am grateful for each and every failed relationship that taught me a lesson about myself, life and people in general
  9. I’m grateful for lessons learned in 2015 as I enter 2016 wiser, with more knowledge, experience and mindfulness