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My 2016 Bucket List

For at about 3 to 4 years now, I have frowned at new years resolutions. While a lot of people still uphold this “useless” tradition, I have come to realize that most of us (yes, that includes you and I) have a huge misconception or misunderstanding of the whole “New Year’s Resolutions” thingy.

We call them by several different names… resolutions, to-accomplish lists, goals, to-do lists, missions, tasks, and so on. Whatever name you choose to go by, they basically all mean the same thing.

Nevertheless, one fact remains the same: Less than 30% of people actually follow through on their resolutions! These are the ones who truly understand what is going on here, and they understand how to reach their goals, year after year.

#GratitudeLog Day 17: I grateful that I got to cross another item off my Christmas list today, and that was Swimming

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This year I decided to take a different approach to New Year’s Resolutions and goals. At the end of the process, I have completed my list of goals for 2016.

have also decided to make my list public (like I did for my Christmas List for 2015). So I welcome you all to be my accountability partners this year, and follow me through each of these goals.

I call it my “Bucket List” because these are the things I will like to do before the year dies out. As I complete each goal, I will cross them off the list and we will see how far I will go by the end of the year.


My Bucket List for 2016


These are the things that the year is going to be all about for me. So I’m focusing on THREE major goals, rather than scattering my energy across to many things.

  1. DeQeo Consulting (my Study Abroad Agency)
    • Follow up Friday
    • Scholarship Sunday; 52 blog posts by Dec. 31 (13% done) (I decided to drop this goal)
    • Register at least 50 students abroad (6% done)
  2. Nigerian Blog Reviews (I decided to drop this goal)
    • Launch of Nigerian Blog Reviews (April 4th)
    • Weekly blog reviews until launch (40% done)
  3. Help at least 10 people reach their goals for 2016 (40% done)



  1. *Give someone all the money in your wallet
  2. *Apologize to someone you offended
  3. Buy a drink for a bus driver
  4. Buy a drink for a construction worker
  5. Buy a drink for the next person in line
  6. *Buy a drink for a traffic warden
  7. Buy ice cream for the next person in line
  8. *Do someone a favor
  9. *Donate blood
  10. *Give someone directions
  11. *Give someone the benefit of the doubt
  12. Help an injured person
  13. Help someone carry something
  14. Help someone carry something heavy
  15. *Leave a good tip after eating
  16. Make a get well card
  17. Pay the bus fair for the next person
  18. Pick up trash from the side walk
  19. Return a dropped object
  20. Return a forgotten object
  21. Return a lost object
  22. Share your umbrella
  23. Stick up for someone
  24. *Tell someone you love them
  25. *Visit someone sick (x3)
  26. Write a thank you letter to a teacher
  27. Visit an orphanage
  28. *Hold the door open for someone (x2)
  29. *Help someone with some change
  30. Give someone flowers
  31. Give a worker a drink
  32. *Buy a snack for someone hungry


These are goals with a specific target

  1. 10,000 push ups (102% done)
  2. 5,000 minutes of movies, including animations and TV series, excluding cartoons (145% done)
  3. Read at least 800 articles (20% done) (I read so much, I’m not able to keep track anymore)
  4. Answer at least 400 questions on Quora (11% done)
  5. Give least 20 strangers (excluding friends) free rides in my car, as close to their destinations as possible (130% done)
  6. Carry at least 20 strangers down the road with my car, excluding friends (135% done)
  7. Publish at least 1 blog post weekly; 52 posts by Dec. 31 (100% done)
  8. Weekly Gratitude Blog (52 Weeks of Gratitude Challenge) post (48% done)
  9. Write 1 thing I’m grateful for, daily (100% done)
  10. Make 1 handcraft each month; 12 crafts by Dec. 31 (17% done) (I decide to drop this goal)
  11. Write 1 LinkedIn recommendation each week month; 52 12 added by Dec. 31 (8% done) (I decide to drop this goal)


These are goals I have to do just once


  1. *Write letter for future self (to read at the end of the year) written on 18/04/2016
  2. *Do something significant for my church
  3. Code Happiness Calculator/Tool
  4. Code Active/Inactive Facebook Friends’ Calculator/Tool
  5. *Leave the country at least once (visited India) See Photos Here
  6. Publish Book (Knights Have to Endure Memes Everyday) I’ve decided to drop this goal
  7. *Update my CV



  1. Do one thing you’re afraid to do
  2. Apologize for one thing you need to apologize for
  3. Start one thing you’ve always planned to start
  4. Tell one person how awesome they are
  5. Prove one person wrong
  6. Ask one person for help
  7. Offer to help one person
  8. Do one thing no one else is willing to do
  9. Just once, refuse to care what other people think
  10. Tell one person yes
  11. Tell one person no (x2)
  12. “Fire” one person
  13. One time, just let it fly
  14. Do one thing that’s not your job
  15. Embrace one thing another person does
  16. Do something foolish
  17. Call your parents



  1. Try to always pick up my phone, no matter WHO calls
  2. Change my passwords every 3 months (I’ve decided to drop this goal)
  3. Record at least 1 second of video
  4. Endorse all my contacts on LinkedIn (I’ve decided to drop this goal)
  5. Start reading the news (or at least headlines)
  6. Never give less than 100 naira as offering
  7. Update the progress of this list weekly



  1. Learn to do a full split
  2. Learn to cook jollof rice
  3. Learn to cook “rough stew”
  4. Learn to whistle with my fingers and mouth
  5. Learn to make pancakes



  1. Fitted black suit
  2. Pebble watch
  3. RC Drone
  4. Car stereo for Kito
  5. Forex EA



  1. Buy Tecno windows tablet
  2. Buy Tecno Phantom 5 (then give current phone to someone)
  3. Buy Spy video glasses