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A Negative Mind and Fear: Siblings or Offspring?

One morning while making myself a cup of coffee, I realized one thing. Fear is often associated with negativity. Perhaps people don’t see this association, but think about it for a moment. Could negativity be the father (or mother) of fear? Perhaps, negativity gives birth to fear, no? Think with me for a moment… have you noticed that fear and negativity often to go hand in hand? Wherever you find fear, there you will often also find a negative mind. Yes?

Fear usually lies inside a negative mind and sometimes fear and negativity cannot be separated. Oh, or am I the only one who has noticed this? Well think about it. Yea, go ahead… I’ll wait.

People who have a generally negative mind tend to fear more. People who have a generally positive mind do not fear as much. It is often this way because people who are negative minded assume the worst out of most situations. As a result, fear tends to feed off their negative expectations. The more negative their expectations are, the greater the fear.


Common Examples of Negativity Breading Fear

Remember the last time a friend didn’t show up at the time they were expected to. Generally negative people start to think that something negative must have happened. Positive minded people, on the other hand? Well, you can guess.

“Maybe they got involved in an accident!” or something negative, usually comes to the negative minds. They can’t find any positive explanation, so the fear of their negative expectation sets in. What if they stopped somewhere to buy you surprise gift? Or is that not possible? What if they were held back by traffic? What if they changed plans and decided not to come anymore, but couldn’t inform you? Couldn’t there be a positive reason why they didn’t show up?

They become paralyzed with fear as their thoughts become even more negative. Fear starts to power their thoughts and their actions become guided by fear (no caution). Even so, do not confuse fear with caution… they are certainly not the same, I tell you. Fearlessness is not the same as stupidity or plain foolishness.


Positivity Kills Fear

Our fears are often made-up thoughts, all in our heads. That is why people with a positive mindset often have less to fear. In fact, we suffer more as a result of the thoughts that we create all up in our heads.

People who fear stress, die more from the fear than from the stress itself. But funny enough, the same stress has little or no effect on those who do not fear it. It’s true, there’s research about this and you can read it here: How to make stress your friend.

So perhaps, one easy way to fight of your fears is to think positive. I mean, if things do not go as expected, you always have two ways to think until you know the truth for a fact. You can either think up a negative explanation, be sad and live in fear until you learn the truth. Or you can think up something positive, be happy and live in joy until you learn the truth. Both options are irrelevant when you finally learn the truth. But… which option makes you feel better?