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The “Devil Woman” I’ve Always Talked About

The focus for the 13th week (March 27 – April 2) of the 52 Weeks of Gratitude Challenge was:

A Challenge You’ve Overcome

If you’ve been friends with me long enough, you must have heard me talk about the “Devil Woman”. And what better challenge to talk about, than how I survived the devil woman. So if you too have been wondering about this woman, be ready to be disappointed because I am not giving too much details.

We met online, through It was the same thread that lead to the recommendation that lead to the start of my Study Abroad Agency DeQeo Consulting. Although she was my first student, we met before the founding of the agency.

The Likeness

Shortly after we met, we go close and started to like each other. We even talked about starting a relationship with each other (can you imagine?). And so when she arrived Cyprus, we both agreed to live together in order the split the rent cost.

After Summer of 2010, I decided it was best to live alone, and I did so until I left Cyprus. But I had always wanted a female roommate! I felt that women were neater, and should know how to cook. So the idea was to have a female roommate who would take care of cleaning and cooking, most of the time.

Unfortunately I picked the wrongest female as a room mate! She was neither neat nor did she know how to cook! First of all, the first day we met, I already knew that there were things she was hiding. Fortunately, I am too smart to be fooled easily. I read people, and I am hardly ever wrong. I knew she was hiding things, and I tried to talk to her like a normal human being. Now that I think of it, it was just ridiculous thinking that I could reason with the devil lol. I cannot blame myself for trying though.

The Revelation

Just 2 weeks after we met, I hacked into her Blackberry and netbook, and then things started to come into light. I installed a bug on her netbook and collected information over the next month, so that when I busted her… I would have concrete evidence. Yea, I’m cray like that!

Now, someone had told her that I had a girlfriend. So she was convinced that I wanted to play her by wanting a relationship with her too. What did she did? She decided to play me back, and play go back to her ex, and play him too. This isn’t what normal people would do, but you shouldn’t be surprised… she’s the devil!


Acting The Fool

For the next 2 months, I played along with her, pretending not to know what was going on. I was acting the fool and now that I think about it… I’m not exactly sure why! I’m just crazy like that.

I had hoped that she would change, if I gave her enough time. I kept telling her in subtle ways, to open up to me. I was giving her a chance to come clean by herself. But no, she wanted to stick with the game until the very end. She thought she was smart and thought she would win.

But after 2 months (or 3, I forgot), I couldn’t stand her bullshit anymore! So that night, I told her to just quit the lies because she wasn’t fooling me and she never did.

You see, this woman was pretty, light in complexion, slim and had a nice butt! She was jovial, friendly with everyone and made everyone laugh. She was the ideal “peoples’ person” and so it was easy for her to get everyone carried away…. except me!

And each time I tried to warn people of her evil, they would look at me like I was crazy. So I got tired of talking, until she started to reveal herself to others little by little. Today, everyone on campus knows her for who she is, and nobody dances to her tunes anymore.

How I Survived

After letting her know that I was aware of her games, she exploded! “How dare you?” she said “spying on me, invading my privacy!”. And that was the beginning of hell for me! She started staying out, returning home once in a while to torment me, and take advantage of my good heart and kindness. Sometimes she would come home drinking or smoking, and she knows that I hate my place to smell like any kind of smoke.

I wanted to move out, but there was a dilemma! I was stuck between saving my soul and caring about how she would survive with paying the full rent by herself.

The room cost $1,200 for a year, and we agreed to split the rent. That meant we both had to pay $600 each, and I had convinced her to pay the first half. So technically, she owned the place as I had not paid a cent. Technically, I was “squatting” at her place lol (but she didn’t realize so).

“But what would Jesus do?” was the question I asked my friends. And they all said “But you are not Jesus!” so “screw her and get the hell out of there!”. I was too concerned about how she would survive without me, that I went to the mountain to pray about the way out of this mess.

The campus fellowship actually used to hold prayer meetings up in the mountains. I wasn’t regular there but one night, I had to go up to the mountain to pray about this devil woman!

God’s Silence

After much praying, for like a week or two, I got nothing! Zip! Nada! Sifir! Nothing from God!

But then, I understood what that nothing meant. “Kheme, you already know what to do!”. Yea, I knew what to do… move the hell out! And so I did!

I went to the landlord and told him I was having issues with my roommate and needed another room. Luckily, a new room was vacant. He gave it to me with half a years’ rent payment because I had been a tenant there for at least 4 years.

Even after moving out, it took her a few days to realize that I had moved out. Then she came begging for forgiveness and all that. But as I expected, her forgiveness were lies, followed by more lies on top of the existing lies. Long story short, I cut her off completely. And even though we were no longer relating, she still found ways to hurt me and my relationships… with her mouth! God!

I am just grateful that her chapter in my life is long over. Nevertheless, I reestablished communication with her last year, for some reasons. It was mainly because, as a gossip, she always had reliable information about things that were happening on campus.

And one time, I needed confirmation of the activities of one of my students. The boy was lying to his sponsor, and his sponsor was complaining to me. Being out of town, I needed to know what was really going on. So I turned to the devil woman, and she gave me all the information I needed (after some begging of course).

One thing though… when you are a good person, even a bad person knows it and will admit it to themselves. I have heard the devil woman say nasty things about me. Some things she said about me were so nasty that my  friends till date would not even say it out loud! They say that a woman is not meant to talk like that lol So yea… her mouth is that dirty! I have seen her disrespect her husband (yea, she’s married) in public, commanding him about like a kid.

Even so, I have also heard the same devil woman say good things about me too. I cannot be sure why, but the truth cannot be hidden forever, and the devil will always be evil!


What about you? What challenge have you had to face and overcome recently?

Please share in the comments section below.

7 things I was grateful for during the 13th week of this 52 weeks of gratitude challenge:

  1. I got to walk 4.5 KM today. It’s been a while I took a walk last, and with all the eating and indoor time lately, I really need to exercise. I’m thankful that I could walk today, and that there is a nice area to walk around in
  2. Thank God we could afford to buy a new blood sugar test kit
  3. Thank God I was able to cash the money, after 4 attempts over 4 days
  4. I thank God that I can eat most things. Foreign meals and dishes from other cultures or countries, do not really affect my system. It’s good
  5. I’m grateful to God that the operation was successful yesterday, and that this project is going as expected
  6. Access to free, unlimited internet (even though for a short while), feels good once again. I am thankful that I can use “free” internet once again, after about 8 months
  7. It was nice seeing History again. I thank God that he was able to make it to see us today

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