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40+ Things I do with my Mobile Phone

The focus for the 22nd week (May 29 – June 04) of the 52 Weeks of Gratitude Challenge was:

Something You Use Everyday

There are many things that I use every day which I would like to write about. But for this week’s focus, I have to write about just one thing, and it has to be epic.

I would like to say that I use my brain every day, because not everyone really uses their brains. Most people run on autopilot, that is, they leave their brains in charge most of the time. Then they step in every once in a while, take control, then step right back out. Yes, I’m talking about mindfulness.

But nope, this post isn’t about how I use my brain every day. But on a side note, I try to use more of it every time as I have become more mindful over the past 2 years.


One thing that I can give so much credit to and appreciation for, is a little piece of technology. The first time I expressed gratitude for the versatility of this little device, was back in the year 2006.

I had just moved to the northern part of Cyprus to study computer engineering at the Eastern Mediterranean University. My hostel (named Rebecca), was located in the outskirts of Gazi Mağusa (Famagusta), as you head towards Boğaz. It was while I was preparing supper one evening that I realized how well I utilized that little piece of technology.

Mobile Phone

My first ever mobile phone was the Alcatel 311. I loved that phone so much because of its portability, the game it had and the complete list of country codes built into it.

However, shortly before I moved to Cyprus, I was gifted a Sony-Ericson phone by my elder brother who was already in the south of Cyprus. I forgot the model of the phone, but I used it for a few months before travelling abroad.

Shortly after I got to Cyprus, I “obtained” another phone from my elder brother, a sliding Samsung phone. I used this phone for the next couple of months in Cyprus, from Famagusta to Lefke.


While most people just “use” their mobile phones, I really utilize mine. In fact, most people use less than 25% of the entire capabilities of the technological devices they posses. And as far back as 2006, before Android phones became popular, here’s a list of what I used my simple Samsung sliding phone to do:

  1. As a timer, when cooking
  2. As a stopwatch when tracking myself
  3. As an music player (mp3 wasn’t very common back then)
  4. As a radio (I used to love radio a lot)
  5. As a torch light
  6. As a camera
  7. As a camcorder
  8. As a voice recorder
  9. As a calculator
  10. To send and receive text messages
  11. To make and receive phone calls
  12. As a calendar
  13. As a time table (I had all my class schedules saved in my phone’s calendar)
  14. As a notepad
  15. As a phone book (obviously)
  16. Tell the time
  17. As a reminder
  18. As an alarm
  19. Play games

Remember, this was before Android was popular, and Java-based phones (or Symbian phones) were in vogue. Even at this time, the most people did with their phones was to send/receive text messages, store phone numbers, take photos/videos and make/receive phone calls (about 33% of my list above).

Tecno A7

Now fast forward to the year 2016, 10 years after my Samsung phone of wonders,  and what do I have? I have Tecno’s 2014 flagship phone, the Tecno Phantom Z. Before this phone, I used a Samsung Galaxy Quattro, and despite having 4 processors, the phone was slow AF! A friend heard me lament about the phone, and he suggested that I get the Phantom Z.

So upon returning to Nigeria in the year 2015, I quickly bought the Phantom Z, and I have had no regrets about it. There are a few things I do not like about the phone though, but in terms of performance, the phone is the best I have used yet! I have 60+ apps installed on the phone, and it does not drag!!! Can you beat that!?

Anyway, thanks to Android, now you can expand the capabilities of your simple mobile phone, withing the limits set by the devices manufacturer (like RAM, processor speed, etc). Even so, this phone does far more than my Java-based Samsung sliding phone could do 10 years ago, obviously. So here’s a current list of all that I do with my Tecno Phantom Z… Enjoy!

  1. Listen to music (I don’t listen to radio much these days, but I could if I wanted to)
  2. Watch videos (offline)
  3. Stream videos (online)
  4. Instant messaging
  5. Send/receive text messages
  6. Make/receive (and block) phone calls
  7. Record phone conversations
  8. Manage my contacts
  9. Take photos
  10. Edit photos
  11. Record videos
  12. Edit videos
  13. As a touch light
  14. As a sleep (and snor) tracker
  15. Track my walks, runs and other workouts
  16. Edit and monitor my blogs
  17. Social media
  18. Internet banking
  19. Surf the internet
  20. Play games
  21. As a calculator
  22. Voice recorder
  23. Keep track of goals
  24. Keep track of time
  25. Take notes
  26. As a map
  27. As a Bible
  28. As an ebook reader
  29. As a meditation guide
  30. To book flight/bus tickets
  31. As a secondary login (security) device
  32. As a calendar
  33. To keep and track my schedules and to-do lists
  34. As a timer
  35. As a reminder
  36. As an alarm
  37. To track my income and expenses
  38. Schedule text messages to be sent at a certain time (like birthday messages, etc)
  39. As an internet modem
  40. As an external storage device
  41. Sometimes, as a word processor
  42. To send/receive emails

While I can go on about my day without this device, it might not be a “normal” day for me. So I am grateful for this little piece of technology that I utilize every day.

Now it’s your turn… What do you use everyday, that life would be so different without it?

Please share in the comments section below.


7 things I was grateful for during the 22nd week of this 52 weeks of gratitude challenge:

  1. I’m grateful to God for all disappointments, everything I lack and all the things I don’t have
  2. Thank God I was able to obtain my Diamond Bank template, without stress
  3. Finished the 1st draft of the Oldster Foundation project, then went to see the new Captain America movie today
  4. Thank God for the garlic and green tea remedy that reduced my cough overnight
  5. Despite being tired from inadequate sleep last night, I didn’t crash today!
  6. I’m thankful that I was able to get considerable work done on the Oldster Foundation project
  7. I had an accident about 5 years ago, that could have been bloodier than it was, or even fatal. I remain grateful to God that it was painless, and bloodless, and that today, not many people would know about the accident, if I do not tell them