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What You Know About Soulmates is Wrong!

Yes! Probably!

I have been preaching this “sermon” for some years now. I’m talking about soulmates, and the big misconception that most people have about who or what a soulmate is. So let me help clarify this misconception.

What a “-mate” means

Let me start with some very common illustrations. A classmate is someone in the same class as you. And a housemate? Someone who lives in the same house as you. And a course mate? Well you get the general idea, don’t you?

Likewise, a soulmate is someone who is like you, but at the soul level. You both relate and communicate with one another, at the soul level.

If you get this, then it means that there isn’t just one “soulmate” for you out there! There are many people who could connect with you at the soul level, making them all your soulmates.

Like Plugs and Sockets

You see, soulmates are like plugs that fit into a socket. Yes, not just any plug would fit into any socket. However, any of the right plug, will fit into the appropriate socket.

So with regards to soulmates, imagine yourself as a socket. And a soulmate is one of the right plugs (or vise versa) that can match you. And there are many right fits out there!

If peradventure, you have problems with one plug, what do you do (in real life)? Do you condemn the socket and say “Damn it! I’ll never find a plug to fit into this socket! It’s ruined for eternity!” lol I really hope you don’t do that.

But no! You go out and get a new plug!

Plugs & Sockets

Besides, a soulmate mustn’t be a lover. Soulmates isn’t only about lovers and romantic relationships. Your sibling can be your soulmate, or your colleague, one of your female friends, and so on.

On a Side Note Though

While housemates, classmates and other “mates” may not last for ever, a true soulmate means the most comparable. A true soulmate means you could have a longer (and quality) relationship with that person. It means the relationship might not easily be broken, unless by choice. So that is that.

The reason I used the term “true soulmates” here is that, just because you call someone your soulmate, it does NOT automatically make them your soulmate.

You can call an acquaintance who visits you a few times weekly, your housemate. But that doesn’t make them your housemate, does it?

I believe that in addition to a general lack of understanding or information, some problems in life are just due to lack of practice.


What do you think? Let me know in the comment section below. Thanks!