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One Reason You’re Still Single

People are single for many different reasons. Some people are intentionally single, for their own reasons or beliefs. Others on the other hand, are unintentionally single due to one condition or the other.

So from personal experiences and observations, I have realized one condition that leaves people unintentionally single.

Their environment

The environment you find yourself in, could be one reason you’re still single.

Where Do You Hang Out?

The places you spend the most of your time at, what kinds of people hang out there? Do you hang out at places where potential mates hang out? You cannot expect to meet an entrepreneur at a place where civil servants hang out, for instance. Or hoping to meet dancer types, at a food convention. Again, these are just examples.

So what’s your daily routine like? Do you have the work-church-house triangle type of daily routine, with little movement outside of your usual route? If yes, then there are high chances that you will hardly ever meet new people. This in turn reduces your chances of meeting a potential partner, further prolonging how long you might remain single.

Mix More

If you wanna meet with a certain kind or class of people, try hanging out in the places where such people hang out. If you want to meet new people and more potential partners, then you have to mix more. Break out of your usual daily routes once in a while. At least once in a week, go somewhere else that isn’t church or work.

The more you mix, you more you meet new faces, and the higher your chances of meeting a potential partner.

I say this partly from personal experience. I notice that tend to attract women where I go. Nevertheless, I don’t often find myself in the places where the kinds of women I want, are. What’s the result? I end up attract the wrong kinds of women! I had a fixed daily route, pretty much like that triangle up there.

I also know someone who had a similar lifestyle as myself. Her movements every day was from home to work, and back home. On the days of church, it’s from home to work, and then to church before returning home.

Although she met last boyfriend at work, the guy was just full of lies right from day one! So that didn’t work out, obviously. Thereafter she was single for a while.

That was until her Facebook love came to marry her! Yea, thanks to the internet, we can actually mix more over the social networks like Facebook. If not, she would most probably still be single today, and she admits this.

Mix More

So What Now?

Examine your current environment and present lifestyle, if this may be partly responsible for why you’re still single. Perhaps you will require extra extra effort, to meet more of the kinds of men or women you prefer. If yes, then that is where your challenge lies.

Also try taking advantage of the internet and utilize social networks like Facebook, Instagram, etc. to reach more people outside of your current vicinity. And yes, I’m aware that one cannot know who is who on the internet. Even so, normal people like you still use it everyday, in hopes of finding “the one” someday.

You just could be the one they’re looking for, like in the true life example I gave above.


What about you? Can your relate with this experience? Let me know what you think in the comment section below. Thanks!