Relationships Thoughts

Why Bother?

Every once in a while, I find myself asking this question: why do I still call so and so person my friend?

These are people who usually won’t even take the effort to even say hello. I know that life can be busy, and people get carried away with work, life and so on. But it costs very little to say a simple “hello” or “how do you do?” once in a while.

Even as busy as I get, I still make time out to ensure that I say “hi” to those that “I say” matter to me. Wouldn’t you too? The part that sucks the most is that some of them deliberately refuse to get in touch, even when they can.

As a matter of fact, it is one of such friends that has inspired me to write this blog post. Call it a rant, but I was surprised when they opened up to me saying that they wanted to, but decided not to contact me. But why?!

You May Not Pick

One friend often says that she does not like to call me because she is scared that I may not pick! Really? Yet there was never a time or day that she called me, and then I did not pick or refused to pick. I may have missed her call once or twice, but I always call her back or text if I couldn’t call back… because she is that important to me.

So I would understand her statement if she had called me a couple of times (over a couple of days) and I did not or refused to answer. However, that has never been the case. What then is her reason for thinking (and acting) that way? I may never know!

I Miss You, But…

One said she misses me, but then she refuses to call or text me to say so… I don’t understand! I mean, she decided not to call or text me on purpose? And how do I know this?

One day I realized that I had not heard from her for a while, and so I was starting to miss her. What did I do next? I picked up my phone and gave her a call, to tell her that I missed her! That’s what normal people should do, is it not?

Personally I believe one thing though: if you truly want to be friends with someone, you would make it easy.


Do you have friends who behave like this? Do you bother? Or how do you deal with these kinds of people? Please share your experience in the comments section below. Thanks!