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5 Tips for Better and Meaningful Relationships

We all desire to be better; to be a better boyfriend or girlfriend, a better entrepreneur, a better member of society, or to experience better relationships. Even so, better and successful relationships are built by design, and not by default. That means WE have to make deliberate efforts as our role in the equation is crucial.

So here are some tips on how you can build better, meaningful, long-lasting personal and possibly professional relationships.

1. Be Valuable

Most relationships offer mutual benefits, both to you and the other person. But before you can receive, you first have to give. In other words… add value first! This prevents you from appearing like a parasite who is only after their own self interest. Put the there person first, be of value and have something to offer.

2. Be Honest

People know me as an advocate for the truth, but the truth is that besides my personal belief, being honest is one of the reasons people like me (and want to be friends with me). Irrespective of the kind of relationship you’re trying to build, honesty is necessary if you want it to be meaningful and genuine. Forget about whether the other person is honest or not… You owe it to yourself (and for their sake also) to be honest.

3. Be Positive

Having a positive mind not only affects how you receive people, but how you relate with them thereafter. I know that there are bad people out there, but take everyone who approaches you FIRST as a friend, until they prove to be otherwise. This tip right here, could determine a lot in terms of how “friendly” people will perceive you at first impression.

4. Be Interested

I mentioned on Facebook sometime ago that genuine interest was necessary for good conversations. Once you develop a genuine interest in the other person, conversation becomes more of a synergy than an interview. Show your interest by simply listening, and you’d be amazed how this would change your relationships.

Be Real

5. Be Real

Yes, we live in a superficial society. But that doesn’t mean you have to go with the status quo. People can often detect when you’re faking or trying to be someone or something you’re not. This puts people off because you come off as someone with ulterior motives and as a result, trust cannot be built. Be yourself: be original, be authentic. Just be real!


What about you? What tip(s) do you have for building relationships? Please share in the comments section below.