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My Favorite Possession

The focus for the 42nd week (October 16 – October 22) of the 52 Weeks of Gratitude Challenge was:

You Favorite Possession

I will just go straight to the point… my most favorite possession, is my blender! Yesss! And funny enough, the blender was an indirect gift.

The original owner of the blender left it for a friend (probably because it wasn’t working). And so one day I was visiting this friend on the day he was moving out. I saw the blender and it picked my attention. So I asked “what’s up with this thing?” and he replied saying “It’s bad. Take it if you want”! Really? Hmm.

It just so happened that I had recently just repaired a blender for someone else. So I decided to give it a try, and after careful inspection… Vuala! I was able to fix the blender! Can you believe it!?

I didn’t have a blender before point in time. And now that I think of it, I don’t know how I was doing my blending without a blender. But let me explain why this little device is my favorite possession…


My Secret Ingredient

So I got this blender sometime towards the end of the year 2012, and since then my stew improved. Before I had this blender, my stew (and cooking in general) was pretty okay for a bachelor. Being that I had to cook almost everything I ate, I had to be a good cook.

In retrospect, I noticed that my stew became phenomenal after I got this blender! My cooking also generally become better in terms of taste, because my signature tomato stew was the foundation of most of my cooking.

After cooking my tomato stew (which takes almost 4 or 5 hours to prepare), I would then use the stew to cook my egusi soup, my beans and sometimes my ogbono soup. So an improved stew also meant my beans, egusi and ogbono improved respectively.

But you won’t believe that it was earlier this year (2016) when I realized that this blender was the “secret ingredient” of my signature stew! Whaaaaat?! And it was my mother who made me realize this (thank’s mom!).

I have always known that the size of food affected the way it tastes. So the way my blender chops and slices the tomatoes, was responsible for the taste of my stew. After realizing this, the blender became all the move valuable to me!!


Multi-Food Processor


The real reason I brought this blender back with me from Cyprus when I moved last year, wasn’t because of the stew. It couldn’t have been the stew because I didn’t know until earlier this year, that it was the main reason for my signature stew.

The real reason was because this little, single-function device of mine, acts as a multi-purpose food processor for me.

Pounded Yam

When yams became readily available at some markets in Northern Cyprus, this blender was what I used to pound my yam. I learned this secret from my mother (thanks again mom) long before I left for Cyprus.

We had this food processor in the house back then, and my mother came home one day saying that we could use it to make pounded yam. For reals though?!

Inquisitive me, I was the first to give it a try. We just had to set the food processor with the flat blades, out of the many different kinds of blades that come with those complicated food processors.

Surely enough, it made the pounded yam quite alright, and it was smooth! Pounded yam became a regular in the house after that discovery (or experiment).

Choppy (my blender) had flat blade blades too! In fact, it is the ONLY type of blade that my blender has (lucky me). So pounded yam again became a regular meal for me in Cyprus.

So get this… yam pounded with the same blender used to blend the tomatoes that I used to prepare the egusi soup that I used to eat the pounded yam!

Vegetable Slicer

I love salads, and this blender makes it easier to prepare my special salad. I use it to slice everything that goes into my salad… from the onions, to the carrots, to the cabbage, the tomatoes, down to the green pepper.

It also slices leaves so well that my mother almost only prefers her vegetables being sliced with my blender! You’re welcome mom 🙂

So get this… I eat yam pounded with the same blender used to blend the tomatoes I use to prepare the egusi soup made with leaves sliced also by the same blender, that I use to eat the pounded yam! Amazing! Just amazing!

So why wouldn’t this be my favorite possession? I know that other food processors can do what my Choppy (that’s actually the name of the blender) can do. Nevertheless, I don’t know what I would do if Choppy should go bad or if I should lose it!

Indeed, I am grateful for this “indirect gift”; my Choppy; my single-function, multi-purpose blender; my favorite possession!



Your turn… What’s your favorite possession?

Please share in the comments section below.


7 things I was grateful for during the 42nd week of this 52 weeks of gratitude challenge:

  1. I managed to publish some more blog posts today
  2. I’m grateful that I know how to drive. Even though I didn’t just learn driving, I still feel happy just knowing that I can drive, by myself
  3. I’m grateful for Adeola Oshinaike
  4. I spoke with Power Point tutorials again today, and they seemed welcoming to my idea of collaborating with them
  5. I’m grateful for my blender, Choppy because I use it in processing different food items, and it’s the main ingredient in my signature stew
  6. My rat trap finally course it’s first rat today! I’m so happy!
  7. I know that ideas are cheap, but ideas rule the world! And so I’m grateful for ideas… even my ideas!

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