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100 Things to be Thankful For

The focus for the 51st week (December 18 – December 24) of the 52 Weeks of Gratitude Challenge was:

100 Things to be Thankful For

Looking back at the year 2016, there are so many things to be thankful for, well over a hundred. If I should recollect all the bottles of red wine we drank, in celebration for one thing or the other, it should come close to a few dozens. Some of those bottles counted multiple celebrations even, like the night we celebrated up to 6 things with 1 bottle of red wine.

Nevertheless, I have been keeping a gratitude journal, besides this 52 Weeks of Gratitude Challenge. That journal has inspired me to create this list (in no specific order) of 100 things to be thankful for… Enjoy!


  1. Our past. A person without a past, does not exist
  2. Failed relationships. They teach us valuable lessons
  3. Hunger. It makes us appreciate a full belly
  4. Food. Fuel for the human body
  5. Fruits. Delicious sources of vitamins and minerals
  6. Ice cream. That creamy, delicious, calorie filled delicacy
  7. Garlic + green tea. A remedy I discovered that cures stubborn, persistent cough
  8. Our bodies. The physical vessel by which we navigate this physical world
  9. Physical pain. A signal that something is wrong somewhere
  10. The human immune system. The body’s defense against biological harm and mishaps
  11. Our hearts. The organ that pumps blood throughout our bodies
  12. Blood flow. The medium of transportation of oxygen throughout our bodies
  13. Blood cloth. The ability for blood to form a mesh, to stop further bleeding and blood loss
  14. Massages. Physical soothing therapy to the body
  15. The human mind. It is powerful and versatile
  16. Mental willpower. It gets us through difficult and unpleasant times
  17. Motivation. That inner zeal to do something
  18. Sleep. Rest for the body and mind
  19. Being single. If you’re still single, it means you didn’t end up in the wrong marriage
  20. A happy marriage. If you’re married, and happy, then you made a good call
  21. Common sense. A synonym for “wisdom”
  22. Our work/job. A source of income
  23. Medical professionals. Those who attend to us in medical situations
  24. Hospitals. A place where those who are sick can go to be treated
  25. Our businesses. An opportunity to serve people
  26. Business centers. For offering services to facilitate business in one form or another
  27. Business schools. A place where people can go to learn about running successful businesses
  28. Markets. A place where we go shopping for things we want and need in life
  29. Cinemas. A place we can go see movies with friends and family, and socialize
  30. Loans. Temporary money that we can spend when there is no money
  31. Credit cards. Access to temporary personal loans, when money isn’t enough
  32. Bank accounts. A place to keep our cash away safely
  33. Money. The power to make purchases
  34. Taxes. One source of income for governments
  35. Foreign exchange. That we can make transactions with and between different currencies
  36. Automatic teller machines. Machines that let us bank, without being inside the bank hall
  37. Internet banking. A convenient way to bank from any internet connected device, anywhere in the world
  38. Budgets. Mindful spending
  39. Family. Those who are always there for you
  40. Elder siblings. Someone to play with, and look up to when growing up, and even after growing up
  41. Parents. For bringing us into this world
  42. Friends. Friends are the reason we smile
  43. Dogs. Man’s best friend and companion
  44. Memory. The ability to remember, both good and bad times
  45. Internet service providers. For providing connectivity to the world
  46. Website hosting companies. Companies that allow our save our websites files on the internet for the world to view
  47. Domain name registrars. Companies that allow us use memorable names to lead people to our websites
  48. Websites. An virutal presense on the internet
  49. Private telecommunication operators. For offering various communication channels
  50. Electrical devices. Electric powered machines that make life easier
  51. Power banks. Portable, rechargeable sources of power for our mobile devices, on the go
  52. Solar panels. A device that allows us convert energy from the sun, into electricity
  53. Batteries. A device that lets us store electricity for later use
  54. Renewable energy. A source of energy that can be refilled by nature
  55. Deep freezers. A convenient way to keep things cool and frozen
  56. Technology. Innovative solutions to life’s problems
  57. Radio waves. A medium to carry data and information over long distances
  58. Emails. Electronic letters for communication
  59. Computers. Powerful electrical devices that has transformed humanity since its invention
  60. Programming languages. The way we communicate with computers, to get them to do our bidding lol
  61. Alcohol. For it’s healthy benefits to the body, and diverse uses in life
  62. Learn-ability. That we can learn new things
  63. Transfer of knowledge. That we can teach, and transfer what we know to others
  64. The Bible. It contains great knowledge and vital lessons
  65. Books. Another medium through which knowledge can be transferred
  66. The progress of others. If it’s well with our friends, then it is well with us too
  67. Safe travel. For moving from source to designation safely
  68. Options. Alternatives that let us move ahead in life
  69. Hope. Even in dire situations
  70. Independence. Being able to live, and be, on your own, without needing external support
  71. Life. The greatest gift of all
  72. Death. A final rest to life
  73. Love. The feeling of affection as expressed for another
  74. Weddings. The ceremony in celebration of love, marriage and the start of a new family
  75. Sex. The greatest physical pleasure you can give another
  76. Romance. Gestures through which feelings and affections can be expressed
  77. Justice. Punishment for crime
  78. The pillow. To support our necks when we sleep
  79. The bed. A comfortable structure in which we sleep and dream, have sex, read, eat, and so on
  80. Fire. To cook our food and keep warm
  81. Visas. That little piece of paper that grants foreigners temporary citizenship in another country lol
  82. International airports. One of the gateways from one country to another
  83. Airplanes. The fastest and safest mode of transportation
  84. Bicycles. A way to get from one point to another, and workout at the same time
  85. Cars. One of the most convenient modes of transportation
  86. Spare tires. The 5th wheel you can sometimes need on the road
  87. Mechanics. Professionals who fix our cars when something goes wrong
  88. Evening breeze. Nature’s gentle reminder, to relax, after a stressful day
  89. Rain. Natural irrigation, flushing of the earth, and pleasure to the skin
  90. Sand. We use it in making buildings, making casts, putting out fire, and we even played with it as kids
  91. Houses. Shelter from the elements
  92. Clothes. A cover for our nakedness, a form of identity, and fashion
  93. Tailors. Those professionals who put materials together to form our clothes and outfits
  94. Disappointments. They force us to be creative, and find alternatives
  95. Prayers. A way to communicate with God our creator
  96. Social media. A virtual world that makes the world a smaller place
  97. Police. The men and women that serve and protect the general public
  98. Hotels. As temporary accommodations
  99. Gifts. Little tokens that people use to say “I care”
  100. Gratitude. Yes, not everyone gets to experience gratitude when they should. So be thankful for gratitude


I hope this inspires you to see more things to be thankful for, every day!


Your turn… can you count up to a hundred things you are thankful for, in the year 2016? What were you most grateful for this year?

Please share in the comments section below.


7 things I was grateful for during the 51st week of this 52 weeks of gratitude challenge:

  1. I’m grateful for the portable DVD player that my brother left around after his last visit… Now I can watch movies in my room!
  2. I’m thankful for this year’s Christmas would be almost like old times, with some family around
  3. I’m grateful for Tanra Mudi, because she’s taking the time and effort to put someone else on the right path in life. She’s a good person.
  4. I thank God for Avamys, the drug that Adeola recommended for my perpetual runny nose because it worked! No symptoms in about 2 weeks now!
  5. I’m grateful for down to earth friends who can be real and blunt with you; they sometimes can be the voice of reason you need to listen to
  6. I had a dental surgery today (1 of 2 surgeries to take place) and it went well. But I’m just grateful that I could afford it myself!
  7. Today I’m grateful for my friend Kea Rejoyce. We became friends somehow, by accident, but have remained friends for about 5 years now and we’ve never met! I am just grateful that she is still my friend, and still a good friend to me

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