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2 Stupid Reasons Why Men Cheat

Statistics has it that men cheat, a lot. Unfortunately, the numbers are also picking up for women. But infidelity is more a human problem than it is a gender problem. But today, I am looking at the two most popular reasons that I have come across about why men cheat.

These explanations given for men cheating is baseless and pointless, to me. One must be stupid to accept these explanations themselves, even though nobody does. I do not accept these explanations NOT because I do not support men (or women) cheating. I do not accept them because in themselves, the reasons are stupid and self contradicting. Please feel free to look up the meaning of stupid.



The first claim is that men are “polygamous” in nature.

But “polygamy” does not mean sleeping with many women. NO NO! Polygamy means having many wives (or husbands). Now we that we have that out of the way, let me continue.

I do not see these “polygamous” men marrying the women they sleep with. Do these unfaithful men who sleep around wife the women they sleep around with?

If they did, that is when I can understand (not accept) why they sleep around… because they are polygamous in nature. Even when you look at polygamy, the man “marries” more than one woman, which makes the union legal. A polygamous man is even more faithful than the cheater… faithful to more than one woman (legally). The cheating man, on the other hand, is not faithful to any of the women he sleeps with.

That to me just sounds like a promiscuous man, not a polygamous man. So for us to call it polygamy, they should marry, and not just have sex, with the women they sleep around with. That is when we can clearly call it what it is… polygamy.

Yet, what we see is NOT polygamy, but PROMISCUITY!

Learn the difference… promiscuity is NOT polygamy!

And giving it a fancy name, does not make it any more acceptable.



The second more popular explanation why men cheat, is to “multiply”. The claim here is that it is in the “nature” of men to spread or propagate as many “seeds” as they can. Hence, they have to sleep with many women.

Are you serious?

A man wants to multiply and propagate their seeds, yet they use contraception? If the reason for sleeping around is to “propagate” their seeds, why use contraception then? Is that not an action that contradicts the given explanation? You wish to propagate, so you sleep with many partners. Yet, do stop the very act of propagation from actually happening.

Why do we not see these men impregnating women all over the place? That is when we can clearly call it what it is… propagation.

Yet, what we see is NOT propagation, but PROMISCUITY.

Learn the difference… promiscuity is NOT propagation.

I rest my case!



What many people lack is an understanding about why people actually do cheat.

And no, I do not mean those people who think they are “entitled” to cheat.

I mean those other people who find themselves cheating, for one excuse or the other. When you dig deep into this, what you will find will surprise you. Let that be your homework.



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