366 Things I am Grateful for

Keeping a gratitude log is not easy, and believe me when I say so. This is the second year I had to keep a gratitude log for an entire year. My first year-round gratitude log was in 2015. Before that, I wrote initially attempted to write three things I was grateful for some years ago. I ended up with 69 things I was grateful for.

Now that 206 is over, I can finally share my daily gratitude log with the world. This started out as a personal challenge to prove that indeed “there are many things to thank God for“. However, I will not continue to keep a daily gratitude log in 2017. It is time to focus my energy elsewhere in my life.

So here are the 366 times I was grateful in the year 2016.


  1. I’m grateful for lessons learned in 2015 as I enter 2016 wiser, with more knowledge, experience and mindfulness
  2. I have learned a lesson, valuable too, from every relationship from my last. So I am grateful for each and every failed relationship that taught me a lesson about myself, life and people in general
  3. Growing up as a child, I had serious self-esteem issues. Though that was in the past, I still do not think much of myself. Nevertheless, a good number of people look up to me, still, and I am grateful for this
  4. Thank God for hunger, that makes us appreciate food even more
  5. Success has it’s cost; you cannot enjoy success without suffering the cost. I have learned to think of what I want, more in terms of what it will cost me, than the results… And I am grateful for this realization and new way of thinking
  6. Petrol has gotten expensive, and I don’t have much money these days. Nevertheless, I somehow managed to buy petrol for someone today. I didn’t intend to or plan to, but I’m grateful that I did because I made at least 2 happy today 🙂
  7. I’m grateful for the (mental) strength and willpower to go through until this forth day of fasting and prayers
  8. I’m grateful for the human mind and all that it can achieve
  9. I have always been concerned about having a good body, and thank God I still look good naked. But I am grateful that I don’t have a fat, giggly belly!
  10. I thank God I am still single because that gives me more time to work on myself, while I find my significant other
  11. I really needed rest today, so I’m grateful I got to sleep enough during the day
  12. The fact that I’m still single, is evidence that I did not end up with the wrong person, and that’s something to be grateful for. Marriage is a life-long commitment, and so it would suck to end up with the wrong person, until death
  13. I know I can be stubborn at times, but I’m grateful for the common sense to learn something new out of new and old situations, sometimes
  14. Yesterday, I started work on the Nigerian Blog Reviews project. I’m happy I was able to finish designing the main landing page.
  15. Thank God for Back&Front, my second source of income
  16. I spoke longer than I thought, and still didn’t finish all I had for the day. According to the few people who thanked me personally, I gave a good lecture. So I am grateful for the success of my lecture/teaching in church today, and its perceived impact
  17. I grateful that I got to cross another item off my Christmas list today, and that was Swimming
  18. I’m grateful for memory loss, because sometimes we forget things that later come to surprise us in the future in a very pleasant way
  19. Months ago, a mechanic asked me to pay 5,000 naira for computer diagnosis of my car. Shortly after, an electrician asked for 3,000 to do the same thing. But I’m grateful today that I was able to run the diagnosis on my own, without any kits, and for free. And, there was no problem, according to the diagnosis.
  20. Although I’m not sure of the bandwidth usage, but I’m grateful for Smile Internet
  21. If there’s one thing I’m grateful for, it’s that I tend to give a good vibe to people. Have you ever met someone and just didn’t like them, for no apparent reason? People tend to just trust me, for no obvious reason, and this is something I am grateful for.
  22. Whenever I think back at how DeQeo Consulting started, I can’t help but smile. When I look at where it is today, I have to say that I am indeed grateful to God for where DeQeo Consulting is, and what it is, today
  23. It is interesting how wetting a cloth before ironing, can remove wrinkles. A steam iron makes this easy and since we have 2 irons that are not steam irons, I had to improvise for myself. Nevertheless, I am grateful for the electric steam iron
  24. The oldest living people take alcohol in moderation, because it is healthy and good for the brain. So let us thank God for alcohol
  25. I’m grateful that today, I learned how to make shawarma. As a matter of fact, I realized that I already had the recipe for a special kind of shawarma, but I never knew it until today. Thank God for shawarmas too 😉
  26. I was talking with a friend earlier today about money and business when I realized how much I actually know! I may not be an expert in many things, but there are many things I can give good advice on, several things I can monetize, and I am grateful for this!
  27. This might sound like a strange thing to say, but I am actually grateful that my dear friend, Sommie, has her very own car! Now she is no longer at the mercy of someone else, whenever she needs to get around.
  28. Growing up as a kid, my childhood hero was not some superhero. I have been thinking about who I really looked up to as a kid, and I can say with confidence, that my childhood hero was my elder brother! So today, I am grateful for Tobore, my elder brother
  29. I know she can be stubborn since times, but we’ve had some moments. I’m grateful for my sister Oghale
  30. I’ve understood really interesting things from be Bible over the years, and even until very recently. I just want to say that I’m thankful for my understanding of the Bible
  31. Thank God that daddy returned home safely from the village, plus I’m grateful for the opportunity to invest in my future through today’s seed sowing service
  32. The fact that we’re free, autonomous beings started to fascinate me from a very young age. I wondered how we can all act independently of one another, not as if someone or something was controlling us, or that we must act one person at a time. I’m grateful for freewill, even though we often abused it
  33. I know I will die someday, everyone will. But the privilege to have been born, remains the greatest gift of all, to me. So today, I am grateful for the gift of life!
  34. One good thing about me is that I can sleep without a pillow. But I’m thankful for the invention that is the pillow
  35. I’m grateful for the fruits we grow in our compound, like papaya and mangoes, and also the avocado pear that drops into our compound from the neighbor’s tree lol
  36. Things are very rough for me right now, but I am hopeful; I have not lost hope. So I am grateful for hope, especially during rough patches
  37. I know it’s not very healthy to eat beef all the time, but you have to admit that kilishi tastes very good. So yes, let us thank God for Kilishi
  38. There are 2 ways to find something you want: actively search for it, or pray you get lucky. I am just grateful that at least, I know what I want (usually)
  39. Thank God for loans!
  40. I am so grateful to God that my commissions finally got sorted out!
  41. I’m grateful I was able to cash my commissions today, after there was a problem doing so yesterday
  42. Whether it’s little or much, having a budget is important for financial stability and independence. So I’m grateful for budgets
  43. I usually prefer a woman in her natural hair. But hair extensions, when properly used, can bring out another side of a woman’s Beauty. I’m grateful for hair extensions
  44. I remember the first time Ada tried to convince me to use Etisalat. Now years have passed, and I can’t believe I’m about to say this… Thank God for Etisalat, probably the best network in Nigeria.
  45. I’m grateful for love, as shown and expressed by those who love me
  46. Even as a Computer Engineer, computers can be difficult to work with sometimes. But as a computer programmer, I’m grateful for programming language because that’s about the only way to get a computer to do what we want
  47. I’m grateful that I was able to receive the support money from EUL today!
  48. Thank God for blood flow, without which oxygen cannot reach the brain or the cells of our body, or without which we men cannot get an erection
  49. Today, I’m grateful for dogs, even the seemingly useless ones we have lol
  50. Thank God for emails
  51. I’m thankful for my dear friend, Raisa. She is an amazing woman, and have been a part of my life for a decade now. She is more than a friend, and even more. Indeed, she has been a blessing to my life at times when I did not expect.
  52. Thank God for fire, that we use to heat, burn and cook things
  53. Thank God for massages!
  54. Thank God for visas, that little piece of paper that grants a foreigner temporary citizenship in another country
  55. Sex is probably the greatest physical pleasure you can give another human being. But I’m grateful for sex, for the purpose of recreation.
  56. I forgot why we have such cool breeze in the evenings. I take it as natures gentle reminder, to relax, after a stressful day. I’m grateful for the cool and relaxing evening breeze.
  57. Thank God for Visa credit cards
  58. I’m thankful for business centers, places where we can get printing, scanning and similar jobs done at
  59. I’m thankful for airports, one of the gateways from one country to another
  60. I’m thankful that we were able to register for TOEFL for one of DeQeo Consulting’s students today
  61. Some people learn about business from life or from family. But not everyone has that opportunity. So I’m grateful for business schools
  62. I’m thankful for post offices
  63. I’m really grateful for the rain of today. At least, we get to have a break from this brain frying heat!
  64. It’s 64 days into the year 2016, and I thank God that I’m not doing so bad on reaching my goals for the year
  65. We use it in making buildings, making casts, putting out fire, and we even played with it as kids. I’m talking about sand! Let us thank God for sand.
  66. I’m grateful for radio waves that make it possible to carry data and information over long distances.
  67. Good things happen to bad people and bad things happen to good people… it’s called life. But I am most thankful that I (and my family) have not had to experience anything terrible or horrible. Bad things happen every day, and we hear the stories. I’m just glad that we are not in one of those stories!
  68. I thank God that we got the balance part-payment for the current BackandFront project
  69. Even though we had a deflated tire, we got to Benin safe and before dark… I thank God for that
  70. Today I changed my car’s fuel pump, and I couldn’t help but be amazed at all the little components that make up a car. I have to say… Thank God for the engineers that build cars!
  71. Thank God for deep freezers.
  72. The people who broke into our house last year have been arrested… Thank God for that!
  73. Thank God for passed experiences because they make us who were are in the present
  74. I thank God that we got our visas today
  75. Thank God for web templates
  76. We travel tomorrow, so I thank God that I was able to do some laundry today
  77. Thank God for a safe trip to Addis Ababa
  78. Thank God for medical professionals, and their professional ethics and experience
  79. I’m thankful that my uncle was able assistance us
  80. It was nice seeing History again. I thank God that he was able to make it to see us today
  81. Access to free, unlimited internet (even though for a short while), feels good once again. I am thankful that I can use “free” internet once again, after about 8 months
  82. I’m grateful to God that the operation was successful yesterday, and that this project is going as expected
  83. I thank God that I can eat most things. Foreign meals and dishes from other cultures or countries, do not really affect my system. It’s good
  84. Thank God I was able to cash the money, after 4 attempts over 4 days
  85. Thank God we could afford to buy a new blood sugar test kit
  86. I got to walk 4.5 KM today. It’s been a while I took a walk last, and with all the eating and indoor time lately, I really need to exercise. I’m thankful that I could walk today, and that there is a nice area to walk around in
  87. I’m grateful that I was able to find a place nearby to do some shopping
  88. I’m grateful to God that I met Eunice here. She has taken me around places, making our stay here much easier. Good bless her!
  89. Thank God my GTB ATM card worked in India!
  90. Thank God for Rockland Hospital, and similar establishments, for the work and services they render to the world
  91. We successfully registered with the foreign office today, thank God
  92. I’m glad we were able to get to the I.N.A. market today to do dinner shopping
  93. I’m thankful we were able to shop at Sarojini market
  94. The stitches were removed today, thank God for that
  95. I’m thankful that I was able to visit Stratford’s university in India today
  96. I thank God for Azeezat, who helped us to I.N.A. market, directed us to Sarojini market, and is helping me buy hair
  97. We’re on our way to the airport now, and I thank God for bringing this journey towards an expected end.
  98. I thank God for journey mercies to and from India
  99. Thanking God for the 7 decades my father has spent on earth
  100. I’m grateful for the unexpected token of appreciation from my father
  101. Thank God for a good Forex rate today, so there was like no loss after all
  102. I’m thankful we were able to find liquid milk for daddy
  103. Thankfully, we have started to sell the Indian hair, pair by pair. Now we can recover our money, thank God!
  104. The power bank that I had desired for a while, cost less than I thought. I thank God for that, and that I was able to afford it
  105. I’m happy that I was able to sleep about 2 hours extra today
  106. Now let us take some time to appreciate God for Nigeria. Things seem bleak, but it could have been worse
  107. I’m grateful that I can talk to me mother, with a good level of liberty. Not many people can talk freely with their parents.
  108. I wasn’t expecting it, but it seems I have another commission payment on the way, and I’m soooo thankful to God!
  109. Time management is a bitch! But I thank God that I was able to get little work done today at the office
  110. I took myself to see the new superman movie today, and I realized that I am started to dress well. I never imagined that I would be dressed the way I did today, if it were a year ago. I am starting to dress well, and I thank God for that
  111. I’ve been thinking of going to get some ice cream lately, and just today, a friend offered to buy me ice cream! For that, I am grateful. God answered even before I asked 🙂
  112. I’m thankful that I am gradually getting back my motivation because for a couple of weeks, I have not had interest, zeal or motivation to do the things I used to do before
  113. The reality in Nigeria is something else, but I thank God that I am not living in regret. It just means I have to work harder
  114. Today, I realized that I am what’s wrong with my businesses! So I’m grateful for this realization
  115. I’m thankful for the news of likely job offers in the near future. Whatever the outcome may be, I remain grateful
  116. I want to thank God for the life of my uncle who passed on to eternity today. I knew more about the man in his death, than when he was alive. Indeed, he lived a life. May his soul know peace!
  117. To all the friends that I lost over the years, and for all the friendships that ended normally and abnormally, I am grateful. Thank you, for all the lessons
  118. I’m grateful that I was able to withdraw some dollars today, because I wasn’t able to get some yesterday
  119. Thank God I was able to claim my clothes from the tailor today, since Tuesday when I should have
  120. I stepped on a rake today, but thank God the puncture wasn’t to deep. It has already started to heal
  121. I’m grateful that my sister has been able to find a better apartment
  122. I’m grateful for the progress on my friend’s project so far
  123. Thank God for blood cloth. I had another cut today, but thankfully the bleeding stopped after a few minutes, thanks to blood cloth
  124. I’m thankful that I got my amended clothes back from the tailor today. They were a perfect fit, that it was too tight to wear. However, they’ve been amended now
  125. I’m grateful that the installation went as planned today. Tomorrow, we finish
  126. We had a cracked roof by accident, but thank God, it was fixed in little time
  127. Thank God for the new installation, we would always have lights in the house
  128. The concept of borrowing, which leads to second chances at money matters, is something I appreciate today. Thank God for borrowing, and lenders
  129. I’m just grateful that I was able to sort out my taxes, and get a fair deal as well
  130. Today, I’m grateful for the fact that Yitmwa, who despite our last relationship, has agreed to host me for a few days… No questions asked!
  131. I’m grateful for tonight’s rain, which will make my night sweet
  132. I’m thankful for the success of today’s meeting with ChowHub
  133. Thank God I was able to sleep a little today, despite the heat
  134. I seem to be having diarrhea, but I’m just grateful to God that I didn’t happen during my 9 hours journey from Abuja!
  135. Thank God for the immune system that helps the body fight infections, sicknesses and diseases
  136. Thank God for the heart that works throughout a lifetime, with no pauses and no brakes for maintenance
  137. I’m grateful to God for my recovery from malaria is the last two days
  138. Thank God for romance, and romantic gestures, through which feelings and affections can be expressed
  139. Thankfully, I managed to get the solar installation man to award me his website design project
  140. I was concerned about using batteries to power the fridge all night, but thankfully, ligt came at night
  141. Thank God for the success of cousin Joseph’s wedding today
  142. Thank God for journey mercies for my cousin from Delta state, and now to the house
  143. Thank God for the new PMS price. Now, people no longer have to wait in endless queues for petrol!
  144. Thankfully, my father wasn’t scammed today. The plot was discovered early enough
  145. Thank God for chemist shops, a go-to place for drugs and quick remedy in times of ill health
  146. I thank that I eventually summoned the momentum to do some work, and I am proud of what I did today
  147. I started to back get my motivation to work
  148. I had an accident about 5 years ago, that could have been bloodier than it was, or even fatal. I remain grateful to God that it was painless, and bloodless, and that today, not many people would know about the accident, if I do not tell them
  149. I’m thankful that I was able to get considerable work done on the Oldster Foundation project
  150. Despite being tired from inadequate sleep last night, I didn’t crash today!
  151. Thank God for the garlic and green tea remedy that reduced my cough overnight
  152. Finished the 1st draft of the Oldster Foundation project, then went to see the new Captain America movie today
  153. Thank God I was able to obtain my Diamond Bank template, without stress
  154. I’m grateful to God for all disappointments, everything I lack and all the things I don’t have
  155. Today, we were able to visit Miss Mercy at home. Now that I know the place, I could visit more often… thank God for that, and for the tremendous recovery she’s made so far
  156. I have now connected a second battery to my power inverter at the office… so grateful to God
  157. Project C2#1 was a success, glory be to God
  158. I thank God for his wisdom in my life
  159. A recent disappointment by a Fiverr supplier, has forced me to design my own logo. The results so far have been impressive. And so I’m thankful for that disappointment
  160. I’m just glad was able to sleep some today
  161. 161 days into the year 2016, and I’m not doing so bad with my goals for the year
  162. I’m grateful for snails, those slow moving, delicious source of animal protein
  163. I officially joined ChowHub today☺
  164. The pain in my wrist is gone… Hallelujah!
  165. I grateful for the discussion I had with Palladium today. Even though it was heartbreaking, I appreciate the revelation
  166. I got an answer to my prayer of last night!
  167. Today I shared some of my experiences on relationships with a Facebook group about relationships. My contributions were thought to be meaningful.
  168. I’m grateful for love, or True Love (whatever your definition of true love is)
  169. I finally completed page 1 of ChowHub 2.0 🙂
  170. Our data was captured for the Farmer’s grant from Rockefeller Foundation today
  171. I got to check another place today, which is much better than the ones I saw yesterday
  172. A friend pointed out that we have a nice home. It’s something I don’t appreciate enough, so today I’m grateful
  173. Thank God for my eyes, not because I can see with them, but as a feature of my face.
  174. I found a better drop down menu that works on Safari, for ChowHub 2.0
  175. Grateful for the success of Jennifer’s wedding
  176. I found my favorite sunglasses again! Thought I lost it yesterday, and was sad about it
  177. Adesuwa arrived safely from Jos
  178. I’m grateful for the goodness of heart that propels me to be who I am, despite occasional hurts
  179. God prevented what would have been an accident this morning, due to an error in judgement on my side
  180. The Men’s Day of the Week of Refuge in church was a success!
  181. DeQeo Consulting gets another commission payment!
  182. Finished page 3 of ChowHub 2.0
  183. ChowHub team is satisfied with my work so far!
  184. A piece of cotton got stuck in my ear this morning. Thank God for tweezers, I was able to get it out, even on my own!
  185. I started linking codes with the new ChowHub 2.0 designs, and it’s going okay so far, with a few challenges
  186. I think I’ve broken off my emotional attachment from what may have been a toxic relationship
  187. I’m grateful that I was able to figure out since of the codes on ChowHub
  188. I had ice cream with Grace, but I’m just grateful that the agency was able to afford it for me
  189. Thank God for the rain of today. It fell all day, and cooled the place down… this night is going to be sweet!
  190. I’m making some new friends through these relationship groups on facebook… let’s see how this goes
  191. Successfully launched ChowHub 2.0 face lift
  192. Grace took me out for catfish pepper soup, and it was lovely!
  193. Thank God for the corn that makes popcorn, those sweet white snacks
  194. Found out that there are free Laravel libraries to simplify the work I have to do on ChowHub 2.0
  195. I spent 9 years abroad, and I was mostly on my own during that time. However, i was financially independent for most of the last 5 years, and I’m still grateful to God for that!
  196. Today, I’m grateful for the positive impact that my contributions are making online at these relationship groups on Facebook.
  197. It was good seeing my first love today, after 2 years or more
  198. I got stopped by the police at UNIBEN main gate, and that was how I realized that one my car’s papers had expired! Thankfully, I was able to resolve it today
  199. I took on a 30 day business challenge, and I’m grateful for the confidence that makes me believe I can do this
  200. I was able to obtain a new certificate of road worthiness for Kito
  201. I’ve been waiting to eat the bread and acara from the woman at Adolor road, and I did today! And I ate some came too
  202. My social network is expanding, I’m meeting people and I’m impacting more people
  203. I’m grateful that I was able to reset my phone completely, and restored practically everything, lost nothing, and the phone is no longer hanging/slow
  204. Today, I’m grateful for aboniki balm, the trusty household name when it comes to muscle pains and the likes
  205. Cars are not meant to swim, but I sure am glad that they can, after the swimming I did today!
  206. The service of songs was a success, and it seems it went better than expected. Glory be to God. We’re looking forward to Saturday
  207. Thank God for my father’s safe trip
  208. I’m out of money, officially, but I’m still able to do some shopping… Thank God for multiple income streams
  209. I successfully transferred my websites from GoDaddy to WhoGoHost
  210. I thank God for journey mercies to and from Kokori today, as well as the success of Major Okotogbo’s burial, and for fair weather today
  211. I got some sleep today, and managed to do some work on the Ejum Global project
  212. Thank God for safe journey for the Okotogbo siblings from Kokori to Benin
  213. I’ve been battling with some Laravel scripts since last week, but thank God I was able to solve the issue and move ahead on the project today! For a moment there, I was starting to feel incompetent lol
  214. Moved on to the next phase of ChowHub 2.0
  215. I got back some money that Gallium borrowed, thank God and thanks to popsi
  216. Thank God I started malaria treatment early enough… I’m already starting to feel better
  217. I managed to resolve the SSL issue for ChowHub. Now we have SSL 🙂
  218. Malaria is common in Africa, maybe even more so in Nigeria. Despite those it kills, most of us take it for granted. But that’s mostly because of the tenacity of this God given body. So I’m grateful for malaria, one of several ways nature signals me to slow down on overworking myself lol
  219. Despite the seemingly slow recovery, I managed to leave the house twice today, to attend to things I wasn’t able to do on Friday
  220. I’m starting a NO chapter in my life now, and I’ve already said 3 NO’s today 🙂
  221. I’m happy my mother I back from her mini vacation
  222. I thought I had misplaced my hospital card, but it was in my wallet all along 🙂
  223. I managed to go to work today, for the first time this week
  224. I thank God for my mother, not because she gave birth to me, but for my father. He is lucky to have such a woman to take care of his needs… God bless his wife, my mother
  225. For months now, I’ve had this pain in my left elbow. Though they said it was “tennis elbow”, nothing prescribed has worked. However, I hardly feel the pain now. It’s almost gone… It is subsiding on its own! I am grateful for that.
  226. I took Kito to the mechanic today in my first real attempt to fix it’s excessive fuel consumption. I’m grateful that I was able to afford it, but I hope the fix works
  227. For the first time in forever, the petrol gague remained at about the same position over 24 hours! It may be too early to decide, but I’m grateful for yesterday’s fix because I can already see results
  228. Thank God for Laravel because it makes coding in PHP happen at a fast pace
  229. The lock to my room door has been changed.
  230. I thank God for cousin Fego’s safe return from Ugheli
  231. Thank God I was able to pay for the ticket using my card at the airport today
  232. I finally can upload to ChowHub, after about a week! I managed to find and fix the problem 🙂
  233. I spent some time discussing with some neighbors at the office today, and I ended up giving them a brilliant idea for their business. I may not be able to bring the idea to reality on my own, so I’m just grateful that I gave the idea to someone who’s in a better position to make it a reality… And it felt good!
  234. So we’re lodging at Ibro Grand Annex, courtesy of a family friend, and I’m grateful for that!
  235. Thankfully, I was able to make all the printouts and photocopies, ready for tomorrow
  236. Even though I didn’t get the visa, I’m glad that he did. Now the trip will cost a lot less 🙂
  237. Started the day in Abuja, had lunch in Lokoja, supper in Benin… Grateful to God
  238. Finally, the photo album of my sister’s wedding of last year is out. It took many months, but it seems like it was worth the wait
  239. I finally finished the basic search for chowhub
  240. After that heat of this afternoon, I’m just grateful for the rains this night
  241. I was hoping for a selfie stick for my birthday, and Andrew gifted me one just today. I only asked yesterday if anyone would get me one, and here I am with one that is even better than the one I had before!
  242. I started the renewal process for my car papers today, and even got to pay at the FRSC office with my ATM card!
  243. The hotel I reserved online turned out not to be what I expected. Thankfully, I was able to get another hotel for a similar rate. Glory be to God!
  244. I’m grateful for a safe trip back from Abuja today.
  245. Thankfully, I managed to finish my notes for my teaching at tomorrow’s Men & Male Youths’ Program!
  246. Being my favorite soup, I can use egusi to eat… Yam, rice, plantain, dry garri, eba, amala, poundo yam, wheat, semo. Thank God for melon who’s seeds we use in making Egusi soup
  247. I had car trouble yesterday, but I am grateful for the events that followed thereafter, until the problem was resolved. It was as if someone orchestrated everything, and I believe it was God!
  248. My cousin bought a second-hand generator, and was told it was 5KVA. However, after I inspected it, the generator was actually 6KVA. I think he got a very good deal on that gen.
  249. Today was my birthday, but I’m most grateful that I was able to donate blood today. Also, I got one person to also donate with me. I’m also grateful for all the messages I got online… I felt to loved, and I was celebrated on Facebook.
  250. My birthday celebration continued today. I’m thankful for the 4 bottles of kagor that was gifted to us, so we didn’t have to buy wine to celebrate yesterday and today
  251. I went window shopping with my father today, and I’m glad we were able to fond suitable trousers for him, though that’s not why we went
  252. 2 of the trousers we got for my father yesterday, ended up being given to me as they were just my size. Also, a native attire that should have belonged to my late uncle, also happened to fit me just right. 3 new additions to my wardrobe today, and I’m grateful for them
  253. I was gifted a DSTv decoder yesterday… I’m grateful for that today
  254. I managed to sleep about 3 hours this afternoon, thanks to Actifed. I recently fell ill due to stress from lack of sleep. I’m just glad j could catch on some sleep
  255. Today makes it 3 months since I started working with ChowHub, and the team, they seem satisfied with my output so far. Hopefully, I’ll survive the next 9 months.
  256. I was able to make the exchange today, in preparation for next month’s trip, despite the rains. And I saw a rainbow today… Second one since I returned to Nigeria!
  257. It is said that a good name is better than riches. Apparently, my father has built a good name, and I’m grateful for that.
  258. I’m thankful for the level I’ve gotten to on the ChowHub project today. I finished all I wanted to today, and so I can rest for a while
  259. I was out with my parents to do some shopping for relatives, and we were able to get about all we planned for. I’m just thankful for this. Plus, we had a really nice pizza from a new place we discovered… it would be on 😉
  260. I’m grateful that Lara’s friend found her a hotel close to the event’s venue because I couldn’t have gotten her a place close enough and for that price. It all worked out good!
  261. I thank God for my brother in-law, Destiny. On more than several occasions, he’s been used by God to help sort a few things out for me personally, and for the family
  262. I am really grateful for my blender “choppy”. It is my all-in-one food processor. I use it to slice vegetables, blend tomatoes for my signature stew and even to make pounded yam. I don’t know what I would do if I should ever loss it 🙁
  263. Kids find it easy relating with me, and adults generally find me to be trustworthy. I’m not sure why, by I am grateful for the good vibes people get off me, that sometime makes it easy for people to relate with me. And this is despite the fact that I’m a shy person lol
  264. I visited the zoo, for the second time since my childhood, thanks to Cessa who took me the on a date. And we had a really nice time together.
  265. I started sharing my experiences on Branding with The Global Bran Network group on Facebook, and people seem to be learning from it. I am just glad that I am making impact, even if a little.
  266. I met with Sarah, one of my new Facebook friends today.
  267. Today was quite relaxing for me. I put in about an hour of sleep, and I’m grateful for that. At this rate, I should clear up my sleep debt within 2 months.
  268. Kids find it easy relating with me, and adults generally find me to be trustworthy. I’m not sure why, by I am grateful for the good vibes people get off me, that sometime makes it easy for people to relate with me. And this is despite the fact that I’m a shy person lol
  269. I thank God that Marc successfully got his document ready today, as that was the reason he came to Benin in the first place. Thank God for speed service delivery
  270. I managed to get a lot of clothes to the tailor today. I don’t exactly have the amount needed right now, but I’m grateful I was able to take them there, to begin with. That’s just the first step. At least, I now know how much it would cost to get all I wanted
  271. I’m grateful for the peaceful elections throughout Edo state today
  272. Even though I do not support any of the parties that contested for the Edo state 2016 governorship election, I’m thankful that APC won the election
  273. Thank God for safe journey to Lagos, and we arrived early enough, despite not setting out early enough
  274. I got to meet with Lara, snd folks from the CSC. I also had a nice time with Zoe
  275. I’m grateful that I’m not photogenic because I tend to look better in person than my photos, which works to my advantage when meeting people from the internet
  276. The members of CSC organized a hangout in Lagos, with me in mind, thanks to Adeola! I got to meet with the folks from the online community, in real life. I’m grateful for this because they now feel more real to me
  277. I arrived Benin safely from Lagos. Thank God for that.
  278. I didn’t go to work today, but got some sleep. Thank God for that.
  279. There are certain things I once enjoyed in the past but no longer in the present. Even so, I’m grateful for the things I once had but now no more. The opportunity to have enjoyed them once in the past, even if a little, is worth being grateful for.
  280. I’m grateful that I was able to finish the Icon Heart Investment project today.
  281. I’m grateful for the work I was able to do today on Princessa’s branding projects
  282. Although we’re ahead in time, I am grateful (in advance) for the success of my sister’s wedding happening in DC in about 3 hours from now! God bless her marriage!
  283. The Global Brand Network wants me to handle a little aspect of community engagement. I feel honored to be thought of, and selected for this, and I am grateful that someone thinks I amount to something; that is, it means I am making positive impact
  284. I’m happy that yesterday’s 9 hours of sleep paid off today!
  285. Icon Heart Investment offered me a position in the company, in return for the help I offered them. I’m glad about this news and I hope it’s for real.
  286. I’m grateful for Princessa, because she gave me a push to press harder with DeQeo Consulting
  287. I’m grateful that I was able to finish the Twitter login script for
  288. I’m glad that I was able to do the 3 things I hoped to do today. Plus, I published 3 blog posts today.
  289. I managed to publish some more blog posts today
  290. I’m grateful that I know how to drive. Even though I didn’t just learn driving, I still feel happy just knowing that I can drive, by myself
  291. I’m grateful for Adeola Oshinaike
  292. I spoke with Power Point tutorials again today, and they seemed welcoming to my idea of collaborating with them
  293. I’m grateful for my blender, Choppy because I use it in processing different food items, and it’s the main ingredient in my signature stew
  294. My rat trap finally caught it’s first rat today! I’m so happy!
  295. Thank God for electricity that powers the many things that run the world
  296. I know that ideas are cheap, but ideas rule the world! And so I’m grateful for ideas… even my ideas!
  297. Thank God for adversaries because sometimes they are necessary to get us to the point of positive change in our lives.
  298. I’m grateful for the time and effort that Ade Orim‘s has put into helping my business out, as well as the businesses of other Nigerian entrepreneurs. May God richly bless her!
  299. Of recent, I observed that I no longer have cravings for junk food! I might take a bite or two, but I no longer crave the stuff! Glory to God!
  300. Thank God for prayers, a way to communicate with our maker
  301. I’m grateful to God that my friend Emine, has successfully settled and started her new life in the UK
  302. Princessca is going to be hosted on John Obidi‘s teleseminar soon. I’m just glad for paths being opened for her
  303. I received 3 payments this week! I’m grateful for the change in pace of things lately, as it had been really rough for me
  304. Although hard water wastes soap, I’m thankful for hard water because it helps in cleaning when you shower
  305. Thank God for safe return of my father
  306. I’m thankful you God for the gifts we all received from my father and relatives, from my father’s last trip. I’m also grateful for all that my father got from relatives as well. I’m happy that everyone got something
  307. Thank God for clouds as they can sometimes shade us from the sun
  308. I’m grateful for my new action camera! Now I can record time lapse videos
  309. I got a call from IRS yesterday and I learned that I owe for not filing my tax returns for a few months. I’m just grateful that I was called, else my penalty would have be more! We learn everyday
  310. Today I officially became an uncle for the first time!
  311. Jabor returned home from NYC camp today, and is not officially don’t with his youth service!
  312. I was able to complete some designs today: Lara’s quotes, and a logo for my graphic design skills. Lara loved the designs!
  313. I managed to put in some work towards the design of Back&Front’s website today, and it looks good!
  314. Thank God we now know what’s wrong with my new nephew. He was diagnosed with pneumonia and has started treatment
  315. I’m grateful to God for financial support through my father.
  316. I’m thankful I was able to claim some of my clothes from the tailor
  317. Thank God for Jabor’s safe return back to Lagos
  318. I’m grateful that my nephew’s health is improving
  319. I had a fight/argument with a family member, and at the end of the day, something personal got resolved, so I’m grateful that it happened… Life will become easier for me
  320. I made it through day 1 of my water fast
  321. I’m glad my new nephew has started breast feeding directly, unassisted
  322. It’s been 3 days without food, and this makes me appreciate food so much! So let’s thank God for food, the source of energy for our bodies
  323. Thank God for fresh fruits
  324. Getting ChowHub ready for online ordering has been a little challenging, with complicated tasks and brain work. But I’m thankful that I am still able to handle it all!
  325. I’m thankful for taxpayers, who pay their taxes and contribute to the state’s wealth
  326. I am grateful today because 2016 so far isn’t what I planned for or expected… Yet, it has been a good learning process for me. Indeed, I am grateful to God for 2016.
  327. Thank God for the little things, the small things that make us smile, those little victories that give us hope every once in a while
  328. My nephew has finally come home… Yay!
  329. ChowHub is almost set to receive orders! I just have a little more fine-tuning to do, and we’re set!
  330. I’m glad I was able to take advantage of black Friday today, and I received some good leads.
  331. I am thankful that I now realize one of the reasons I’m not getting students for DeQeo Consulting. Now things are going to be better, so help me God!
  332. Yesterday I found a phone that I believed was lost for days!
  333. I finally received my commission today… Thank God!
  334. For the first time, I actually have unlimited Internet for real! Glory to God!!
  335. I’m grateful for the free sachet of drinking water that the kind lady gave me today, because I was thirsty, I needed to drink water but I had no change
  336. As the dentist and I reviewed my health history together, I realized something… My health may not be perfect, but it is good! And for this, I am indeed grateful to God!
  337. Today I was able to fill my broken tooth. Despite my financial situation right now, I’m just grateful to God that I was able to afford it all by myself
  338. A friend of my attempted suicide for the second time, and survived! I’m just so glad that she reached out to me again!
  339. Today’s our annual thanksgiving, and from the beginning of the year, k had this idea of the manner in which I wanna show my gratitude to God. Until last week, I wasn’t sure if I was going to have the resources to pull it off! But here I am, ready to thank God “as e be me”. I’m just grateful to God!
  340. I’ve been able to facilitate 4 people in reaching one or more goals for the year 2016. For this, I am grateful!
  341. I got the remote lock of my car working again! Yippee!
  342. ChowHub received it’s first official order today! Woohoo!
  343. I’m thankful to God that my cousin finally got a new phone, because his old phone was just a disaster!
  344. They say that no knowledge is wasted, and that the more you know, the more you realize you don’t know. I thank God for knowledge, and for the intriguing conversation I had with Ruth this morning.
  345. Today’s Relationship Capsules Club Hangout went well, plus I visited the Delta Mall for the first time 🙂
  346. I’m grateful that I finally got to eat the AJ bread that Princessa talked so much about, and the bread was nice!
  347. As must as you wanna help others and be nice, there are things that you really don’t have to do, and choosing not to do them does not make you a bad person. I am grateful for learning this lesson
  348. Yesterday made it exactly a year since my younger sister got married. I’m grateful to God for this
  349. Maintaining a car in Nigeria, is stressful and expensive. However, I’m grateful to God that I’ve been able to afford maintaining Kito for 15 months!
  350. I’m glad to have made it to day 350 of writing one thing I’m grateful for each day! I can’t wait to finish off at the end of the year.
  351. Understanding my sexuality has been a journey for me. I’m just grateful for all that I know and understand about sex and my sexuality.
  352. I just confirmed that I don’t have to remit value added tax on exported services, because I didn’t collect VAT on such services. Woohoo!
  353. Today I’m grateful for my friend Kea Rejoyce. We became friends somehow, by accident, but have remained friends for about 5 years now and we’ve never met! I am just grateful that she is still my friend, and still a good friend to me
  354. I had a dental surgery today (1 of 2 surgeries to take place) and it went well. But I’m just grateful that I could afford it myself!
  355. I’m grateful for down to earth friends who can be real and blunt with you; they sometimes can be the voice of reason you need to listen to
  356. I thank God for Avamys, the drug that Adeola recommended for my perpetual runny nose because it worked! No symptoms in about 2 weeks now!
  357. I’m grateful for Tanra Mudi, because she’s taking the time and effort to put someone else on the right path in life. She’s a good person.
  358. I’m thankful for this year’s Christmas would be almost like old times, with some family around
  359. I’m grateful for the portable DVD player that my brother left around after his last visit… Now I can watch movies in my room!
  360. Today being Christmas day, I think 6 hours of electricity is worth being grateful for.
  361. I am grateful for my life, where I’m at in life and what I am today
  362. Thank God that Hanmatan in finally here, although it came pretty late
  363. Grace took me out for lunch. I think it might be the only specific thing anyone did for me this Christmas, and I’m grateful for that
  364. I am thankful that my mother turned 65 today
  365. The screen of my phone shattered today, but I am thankful because it marks the beginning to cutting on things, and decluttering my life. Now I’m forced to use a smaller phone, and focus only on what’s important. The decluttering I planned for 2017, started early.
  366. I’m thankful for the year 2016 because it was a year of learning. Learning so much this year, I realize that there is so much more to learn.


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