The 45 Questions I Answered on Quora in 2016

I joined Quora only a few years ago. However, I became very active sometime in the year 2015 and I realized something. Quora gave me an opportunity to share what I knew with the world, in the form of answers to people’s questions.

I became more active when people started to value my input. I tend to know things about things, and I like to share. So when I started receiving positive (and negative) feedback on my answers, I knew I had found a good way to add value to people’s lives.

So one of my goals for 2016 was to answer at least ONE question on Quora everyday. Unfortunately, I could only keep  it up for the first month or so, before I dropped the goal. I was only able to answer 45 questions throughout the year, compared to my goal of 400.

I will continue to answer questions on Quora as often as I can, but it will not be a goal for me anytime in the future. Now here is the list, and I hope you find one or two answers useful…


  1. Does it make me look bad if I’ve been single for five years?
  2. My partner has habits I don’t like but I deal with them for now, how can I know they won’t be real problems when we are married?
  3. What is the best lead magnet for a freelance web designer?
  4. How do back end developers earn money from freelancing? What do they usually do?
  5. How do I deal with a lying friend?
  6. How can I work on several tasks at an efficient level and still have quality work?
  7. What do you want people to appreciate about you?
  8. What should I do? Between me and my rival in love?
  9. Can meeting a compatible romantic partner be relevant to entrepreneurial success?
  10. How can I tell whether I am being used or not in a business relationship?
  11. How much is your time worth?
  12. What if I’m really in love with my girlfriend but still feel affection for other women?
  13. Does money change the way we act towards people?
  14. What’s it like not having a girlfriend?
  15. Is reading a waste of time?
  16. How does happiness at work boost productivity and play a role in your success?
  17. I have a great app idea. What should I do with it? What are my choices?
  18. How can I manage my time in a better way?
  19. How do I deal with my girlfriend and her mom accusing me of stuff?
  20. What should I do about my girlfriend talking to a guy friend a lot?
  21. Is it a good idea to create an app similar to the existing one? It’s my own idea, don’t want to copy them. Shall I invest my effort/forget it?
  22. How can I train myself to get things right at first attempt?
  23. Me and my girlfriend argue every week. Is this healthy?
  24. What would be the most effective way to accomplish your daily tasks?
  25. How do I work efficently throughout the day?
  26. I have too many things to do every day for improving myself?
  27. How do I avoid procrastinate reading articles?
  28. What is the difference between productivity and time management?
  29. What’s the best way to be super productive?
  30. Why can I move on, if I’m still in love with him?
  31. How can one learn to enjoy productive activities instead of unproductive activities?
  32. How many months do I need to practice web designing before I start making money (at least 500 dollars each month)?
  33. What browser addons and desktop apps (Windows) would you recommend to increase productivity?
  34. How much time per day should a person do nothing/shut off?
  35. What’s the worst thing a boss has ever asked you to do for your job?
  36. What makes one successful in life: being a master of one or jack of all trades?
  37. As a programmer, what tasks have you automated to make your everyday life easier?
  38. What is the right thing to do if marriage always have arguments?
  39. How do I answer when my girlfriend asks if I would still love her if she becomes fat?
  40. How do I cope with my mentor caring more about his job than making or taking the time to spend with me?
  41. Is this relationship healthy?
  42. How do I stop multitasking?
  43. What are some productivity apps that help coming up with new ideas and expand on them?
  44. How do I come up with an idea, which causes me to be productive?
  45. How much time do you spend on Social Media? What do you do?