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20 Ways to Make Sure You Are Not Bored When Single

If you are single, you must be familiar with the feeling of boredom, and sometimes loneliness. Sometimes, you can experience both feelings at the same time. I have been single for about seven years, so trust me… I know!

But I will be honest with you. I hardly do get bored or lonely. I almost never get bored and lonely at the same time. It hardly does happen to me because I always have something going for myself. There is always something to do that keeps me busy or entertained, and I am happy to share some of them with you.

So here are twenty ways to make sure you are not bored when you are single.


1. Take a Walk

As a form of exercise, walks are healthy for the body. It also affords you the opportunity to get outside, and see life. You get to see faces, people, kids, nature, and so on. You also get to be with your thoughts, let your mind wonder, and figure things out. I always feel good after a walk, no matter how much distance I cover.


2. Watch a Movie

I keep myself company with my most favorite movies, and have a good laugh by myself. And the fact that you are single does not mean you have to do everything in the singular. You can call a friend up and head down to the cinema for a good time watching a movie together.


3. Watch Educational Videos

I have seen over thirty gigabytes worth of Ted videos in my life time! In fact, at one point in life I preferred Ted videos to movies and funny videos on YouTube. Why? They were very educative and enlightening! I have learned so much from Ted videos, that they have made me more intelligent.

So why not kill boredom with some educational videos that make you smarter by the second?


4. Read

Irrespective of what you choose to read, you will always gain some new experience. New experience could be knowledge or fantasy. Either way, you go on a virtual trip into another world, without having to leave you physical location.


5. Write

I have spent a considerable amount of time writing. I take notes from things I read and from experiences in life. I have written a book on business (yet to publish), rather than getting bored.

Even this blog post you are reading was done during what should have been a bored and lonely evening for me. So get writing, if you start to feel bored or lonely.


6. Call a Friend

How about getting in touch with old pals? Former classmates? You could take some time to catch up with old schoolmates to see how they are doing in life. Who knows, you may rekindle an old love or find a new best friend.


7. Visit a Friend

Besides calling a friend, and taking a walk, you might as well walk down to a friend’s and pay them a visit. If you cannot walk, take a bus. Go visit a friend, say hello and spend some time with them. That is one good way to kiss loneliness goodbye for the day, at least.


8. Talk to Yourself

We all did this as kids, but I am not sure why we stopped doing so as we grew up. Okay, I do not know about you, but I never stopped!

I sometimes like to talk to myself. And quite frankly, I do amuse myself. lol. Whether in my head or out loud, I can keep myself entertained using my words. You should try it more often!


9. Daydream

And speaking of talking to myself, the times I daydream are one of my favorite times of the day. They are usually not your ordinary fantasy daydreaming. I daydream about aspects of my life and my future, which helps me plan them. I daydream about things like my wedding day or a walk in the park with my wife.

I also sometimes daydream about what I would like my house to be like. I always upgrade the house with each daydream session, but I am getting close to that perfect house. lol. So yea, you too should try daydreaming as a way to kill boredom when you are single.


10. Make a Plan

Bored time is time nonetheless. And time, is a valuable resource. So you could try putting that time into use by making some plans.

At times when I should be bored, I do some planning instead. I plan my week, my day, or something else altogether, and so could you. Plan a date? Plan how to meet new potential lovers? Make a plan!


11. Play Games

My favorite game to pass time on my phone is Two Dots. One reason I love this game though, is because of its limitation and what one can learn from it. You have five hearts to play, and each heart takes twenty minutes to refill. That means I cannot spend too much time playing this game. This works well for me because I like to do other things.

So play your favorite game on your mobile phone, computer, on the internet or on a gaming console (like PSP, Xbox and so on).

12. Sleep

Ah, this is one of my favorites! Sleep helps me de-stress and recuperate. I always feel like taking on the world after a good sleep.

If you feel bored, try going to sleep for a while. It could be a short nap, or a full blown beauty sleep. Either way, your brain will thank you and your body will appreciate it.


13. Meditate

I used to have difficulty falling asleep. And so I would try to breath slowly and focus my mind on something, until I bored my mind to sleep. Weeks after this practice, I realized it was called meditation.

When I realized the benefits of meditation, I started practicing it more often. Before you do your own research on the benefits of meditation on the mind and body, take it from me… meditation is a better way to pass time than feeling bored.


14. Cleanup

Sometimes when I start to feel bored, I do some of the tasks I have been procrastinating on. And often times, that means cleaning. lol.

So if you feel bored, pick up a broom or a mop, and clean around your space.


15. De-clutter

And speaking of cleaning… you could go the extra mile and de-clutter that space that has been all cluttered up for a while now.

How about arranging or rearranging parts of the house that look or feel messy? Is it your store room? Wardrobe? Do some de-cluttering and rearrangements rather than feel bored and lonely. Who knows, you might land a date who might want to visit you. You would not want to welcome them into a pigsty, would you?


16. Pray

If you felt like you never had enough time to connect to source, then those lonely moments could be what you need. How about praying, connecting with your maker and spend some conscious time with God? You could even pray for your future boo 😉


17. Workout

At a time you should be feeling lonely, you could be working on that body you have always wanted. Whether at the gymnasium or at home, the time you invest in your body will benefit future boo.

So why not get started on time and use those boring hours to work on a body that you both will appreciate later on?


18. Cook

As a single person, cooking is one skill you just need to have. We all must eat, and I know how stressful cooking can be. But the stress and fun of cooking sure beats feeling bored and lonely.


19. Learn Something New

And if you do not know how to cook, that is one of many thing you could learn to do rather then feel bored or lonely.

Why not invest some time in learning something new, like a craft, cooking, dancing, and so on. Trust me, whatever new thing you learn will come in handy when you get into a relationship.


20. Listen to Music/Radio

I used to be a big fan of radio. I loved how you could not control what song plays next. I used to have this little battery powered Palito radio as my companion. I would sit or lie, put on my earphones, close my eyes and drift into another world.

These days though, I do not have time to listen to radio as much. But I listen to music more. Oh, music makes everything fun! Taking a walk? Listen to music. Working? Music! Working out? Music! Cooking? Writing? Listen to music while at it.


While this list is not exhaustive, I hope I have given you some ideas on how not to feel bored when you are single. These have worked so well for me, that I hardly ever do feel bored or lonely, in all my years being single.

Let me know if they worked for you, as well as they have worked for me.


What about you? What do you do to make sure you are not bored when single?
Please share in the comment section below. Thanks!