2016 in Numbers

For those who do not know, I kept track of a number of things in my life during the year 2016. I did this for two reasons. One was just for the fun of it, and the other was for personal statistics.

I do not remember the woman who said so, but I read this somewhere. She said…


And that is an advice I will give anyone who wants to hack their own life. If you know the importance of statistics, then you should know how having your own personal statistics can improve your life on different fronts. One direct benefit for me is that it helps me plan ahead. It helps me get more out of what I already have.

So here are the numbers of the things that I tracked throught 2016. Here is my 2016 in numbers.


Sleep Statistics

Number of Days slept

Number of times slept

Total duration slept
2,163 hours, 17 minutes

Cumulative sleep debt (hours when I should have been asleep)
500 hours, 44 minutes

Average sleep duration per day
6 hours, 29 minutes

Average duration per sleep
4 hours, 14 minutes

Most Frequent Bedtime
10 PM (106 times)

Most Frequent Waketime
06 AM (167 times)


Car Statistics

Number of washes

Number of oil changes

Total distance driven
5,848 kilometers

Average distance per month
487 kilometers

Longest distance covered per month
920 kilometers (March 2016)

Shortest distance covered per month
260 kilometers (October)

Total number of strangers carried
53 people

Total distance carried with strangers
61 kilometers

Number of red (traffic) lights beat

Total volume of petrol consumed
757 liters (N109,800 naira)

Average volume of petrol per month
63 liters (N9,150 naira)


Blog Statistics

Posts published

Total length written
51,843 words

Average length per post
1,017 words

Shortest blog post
320 words

Longest blog post
4,089 words

Most popular blog post
Complete List of 160+ Nigerians Mentioned in the Panama Papers


Personal/Trivial Statistics

Total number of showers taken

Average showers per day

Total number of push-ups

Average push-ups per day

Highest push-ups per day

Total number of new movies seen

Average number of movies seen per week
1 movie in 2 weeks

Total duration of movies seen
7,270 hours

Average duration of movies per week
2 hours, 20 minutes

Number of lies told
11 (compared to 7 in 2015)

Average lies told per month
less than 1 lie per month