I Am Starting A Podcast Soon

For at least a few years now, I have had the idea to start a podcast. I cannot remember when the idea first came to me, but I am sure it has been a few years now. But recently, I have had a few reasons to get started sooner rather than later.
In the last year or more, I have met some pretty interesting people online, and we speak with on a daily basis. Thanks to Whatsapp, we get to send voice notes back and forth as it saves time in typing long epistles. lol.
Every once in a while though, I would play back my voice notes and listen to what I said. Often times while listening, one thought will come to my mind: I should have a podcast! Gary Vee was right: people like to listen to themselves. And it is not a bad thing, he says.
When I listen to the way I talk about my opinions or perceptions about certain things in life, I think to myself… people need hear this! So I figured three reasons why I should start a podcast:


1. Sharing My Ideas

I happen to know and understand a considerable number of things about life. I am able to figure things out on my own (like how to create artificial gravity in space, or how the ballpoint pen works). I also have maverick perspectives about occurrences in life, or human behavior. I seem to get things!
But for at least seventeen years now, I have been thinking something to myself. What the heck am I to do with all this knowledge and information? It cannot all be for me and for me alone! I need to be able to share this with people, right?
Even though I already share my ideas via this blog, I could share more via a podcast, and even faster, right? So a podcast could help me share my ideas more, in shorter pieces. I could be a medium to reach out to more people.

2. Speaking Practice

The year 2016 was a year of videos for me. I did a good number of video posts on two or three Facebook groups. I often talked about business, relationships and branding. But I was new to “speaking” as it were.
But you see, when I get excited and passionate about something I am talking about, I tend to talk faster. Sometimes when I listen to myself talk, I cannot help but wonder how people can stand me talking. lol. I needed to walk on my speaking, and deliver better “talks”.
Also, since I got back from Cyprus in 2015, I have had to speak in my church on three occasions. My teachings seemed to have some impact, which was good. But I was not impressed with my speaking after watching myself on video.
Even so, people find my views enlightening and value in what I share. Imagine if I worked on my speaking! Videos would have been a great way to practice my speaking, but I do not have a good camera.
So I want to speak better, and be able to convey my ideas in a better tone. Doing a podcast can help me practice my speaking. And since it is audio only, I would not need as much as I would have, were it a video.

3. Three People Think I Should

A podcast might sound like a great idea to me, but it might be a sucky idea in reality. So I asked people who have heard me share my knowledge, my understanding or my opinions via voice notes. I asked them if I had ideas worth sharing.
I asked three or so people, and they responded in the affirmative. While three sounds like a small number to go by, I have had this nudging within me for years! What if it is time?
So Yes! I am starting a podcast soon (sometime this year). I do not even know where to begin, but I know that I am starting soon! I have not figured anything yet, like the theme, frequency, and so on. But it should be easier to hit record and speak, than crafting a blog post like this one, right?
But what do you think? If you have read at least three of my blog posts, you should have an idea of my perspectives on certain things. Do you think I should run a podcast? Will you listen to my podcasts? Will you share them with friends?
Or do you think this is not a good ideas? Let me know what you think.
Let me know in the comments below. Thanks!