10 Recommendation for 2018

With the year 2018 a week older already, I have ten recommendations for this year, as usual:


1. Remember that everything adds up.

Consider each action/decision you make as a building block toward whatever you are building… A career, business, relationship, financial independence, et cetera. Always ask yourself… Is this “block” solid enough to build upon in the future?

2. Choose yourself first.

Remember that this is your life. You came in alone, without anyone’s permission. And you will exit alone, also without anyone’s permission. So you do not need anyone’s permission to live your own life for you!

3. Duplicate the successes of last year in 2018.

What gave you desirable results last year? Do them again in 2018. Improve, if possible. Rinse and repeat successful methods, techniques, and strategies from last year. And as for those things that produced undesirable results last year… Drop em like it is hot in 2018!

4. Build deep and meaningful relationships.

Identify those positive relationships that had the most impact in your life. Then invest more in them! Be a genuine friend to others, and cut off from those who do not value your friendship. In human relationships, depth, meaning, and quality matters over quantity.

5. Stick to your standards.

Unless you can upgrade to a standard that gives you more of the desired results, or even better. Remember that standards enforce consistent results. Compromise on your standards and you can kiss your goals goodbye!

6. Listen to people’s actions, rather than their words.

Talk is cheap, and people will agree with you in words and not in action. Pay attention to what they do, not what they say. Remember the saying “action speaks louder than words”? People are what they do, not what they say.

7. Stop complaining about things you did nothing about.

Especially when you could have done something about it but did not. It is better to light a candle than to curse the darkness. It is better to take cover than to lament about the rain.

8. Set workable goals.

Rather than make a list of New Year’s Resolutions, try choosing doable goals. Then create a system of action steps to reach each goal. And do not overestimate yourself while setting goals. Unrealistic optimism will kill your goals fast!

9. Help others.

Consider new ways to add more value to the lives of those around you. Be creative, be kind, be generous in things other than money. Always ask “how can I help?”, and then do something, no matter how little.

10. Be grateful.

Be grateful to God, for your significant other, to your business partners, for your friends… Be grateful for and to anyone who has helped you, in one way or the other. Always express your gratitude.


To your success,