Fear of Failure: It Is Not Failure You Fear

Is it failure we actually fear? Or do we fear what people would say or think about us, if we failed? I mean, is fear of failure real?
If we did not seek anyone’s approval, would we still fear failure? If we are not trying to prove ourselves to people other than our own selves, would we still fear failure? If we knew that nobody will condemn or criticize us afterwards, would we still fear failure? The answer is most likely a “no”.

The Culprit

The fear of these things only mask themselves as “fear of failure” in our minds. And once you unmask them, you can see failure for what it actually is… Another step in the learning process that leads to success. So the real fear is not of failure, but of something far more consequential and usually only in our minds.
Are you with me?
Would you not agree that no one experiences success without first experiencing failure? Whether in one form or the other, failure usually comes before success. How then do we expect not to fail? Expecting a life without failure is ludacris, and you know it!
So you are not actually afraid of failure now, are you? Yea, exactly; the answer is still No!
Are you still with me?
The real fear is of judgment by those we look up to, besides ourselves. The real fear is of the disapproval of those who’s approval we seek, besides our own. The real fear is of the disappointment of those we want to prove ourselves to, besides our own selves.

The Way Forward

Now imagine if we compete only with ourselves. Imagine if we always try to become a better person than we were yesterday or last year. Would there still be that fear of failure, if we did?
If we strive to prove ourselves to a higher purpose and to ourselves, then there would be less fear of failure. We took permission from no one before we came into this life. Likewise we will not need anyone’s permission to exit this life.
Now let me ask you this: do you need anyone’s permission or approval to live life for yourself? Again, I do not think so!
Remember that this is your life, and you have only one of it… Start living it for you!