The Day I Met With John Obidi

I had to be somewhere for something, but I do not recall what. Nevertheless, I had an appointment at an office. While wait for my appointment at the reception, I overheard someone say “John would be coming to today”. Serendipity!… I exclaimed to myself! I came for one thing, and got a meeting with John Obidi, I continued, thinking to myself.

Then he walked in!

I did not realize that he was there to meet with others. I did not care. All I wanted to do was ask him that one question that had been on my mind, should I get to meet with Mister Phenomenal.

Oh, that is right! The night before, I had been thinking to myself “if I got to have lunch with John Obidi, what one question would I ask him?”

So here I was the next day, with John, although not having lunch. But guess what? I had forgotten the one question I was so eager wanted to ask him! Could things get any worse right now?!

Oh wait, we have not gotten to this part of the story. Okay, back to John…

We started talking. He told me that there were others there to meet with him and that the meeting was yet to start. So I would have to wait like everyone else.

I explained that I was not there with the rest, but we happened to meet here at the reception by chance. Thank God for chances, right? He then welcomed a chat, which did not go on for long.

I knew he was busy, and had other things to do before the meeting. So I went straight to the point.

“I have just one question for you, John” I said.

“Hmm, just one?” he asked.

I affirmed with a proud “yes”, feeling impressed with myself. It was at that moment I realized I had forgotten the question!

“Give me a moment to think”, I said, feeling a little embarrassed.

I still could not remember the question!

Thinking on my toes, I made one up…

So I asked “Having joalready made a mistake, I find myself caught between two client projects. Both both project deadlines are long passed due: what do I do?”

I do not know what kind of answer I was expecting, but he told me something along these lines:

“You already made the mistake, so you have to follow through; just do you!”.

He continued, saying “unless you have fifty people working under you, you have to do the needful. Work your butt off until you come through”.

I was taking all this to heart, thinking to myself “it is time to work a little harder, Kheme. There are neither magic pills nor elevators to breakthroughs. I have to out in the work, if I want the desired output”.

Then I remembered something, the next most important part of this meeting. It was of almost paramount importance that I commemorate this meeting with my Galaxy S8.

Before I could grab my telephone to request for a selfie with John Obidi, I woke up from my dream!

My first time meeting with John Obidi, and it was all a dream!? Damn!

Oh I see! Last night I was contemplating some of the words that John had shared on SmartBCamp (now HeadStart Africa). I guess he must have slipped into my subconscious, which manifested as this dream.

Still, the message was clear as crystal…

To be successful, there are no other options but to do the needful. Put in the input that is necessary for the output you desire. Just do it! Unless you have fifty staff working under you, you do you.

Now as I ponder on the real “what one question would I ask”, let me ask you the same…

If you got to have lunch with John Obidi, what one question would you ask him?