Bucket List

10 exciting things I recommend for your bucket list

If you are looking for bucket list recommendations or ideas, then you are on the right page. Do you have exciting things listed on your own bucket list? I hope you would share some of your bucket list recommendations after going through this list.

Without wasting time, here are ten ideas that I recommend for your bucket list…

1. Start a family tradition

It could be a Christmas cookout, or Easter charity outing, or “burn fire night”. Start something that your family could attribute to you later on, and make it a tradition.

In the television series Scrubs, one family used cake to announce bad news. So when John Dorian saw his brother with a cake at his doorstep, he knew there was bad news.

Around 2015, I was not aware that I started a celebratory tradition in my family. Today it has become a family tradition for us to celebrate with a bottle of red wine, and sometihing. That something could either be pizza or barbecue beef (suya).

2. Live in another country for at least six months

Go live in a country other than the one in which you were born, for at least six months. It does not matter how far away or close it is to your country of origin. For a change, try living six months away.

Fortunately, I happened to have lived on the island of Northern Cyprus for about nine years. So that item is off my list already.

3. Experience sunrise and sunset

Have you ever experienced a sunrise? Or a sunset? I do not mean, just seeing one. I mean, waiting for the sun to rise or set right in front of you. It is an amazing experience! And I have been fortunate enough to experience a sunrise and a sunset, with the same person, but not on the same day.

If it is possible, try to experience the sunrise and sunset, on the same day.

4. Climb a mountain

If you love adventure, then this is one of the bucket list recommendations that will appeal to you the most. It does not have to be mount Everest though. Find a mountain, and surmount it.

I managed to climb to the peak of Saint Hilarion Castle in Norther Cyprus, at least three times. I also climbed one or two other mountains on the island, and so that crosses this item off my bucket list.

5. Disconnect from the world around you for a week

Switch off your phone, tablet, laptop, and internet for a week. And then spend some quality time with yourself and the people around you. I did this during my teenage years, while visiting my hometown. Even so, I intend to do this in adulthood and then cross this off my list.

6. Speak in front of a thousand people

Alright, a thousand might be a huge number of people. But I guess you can always work your way up, starting with a hundred people, and then some more.

Speaking in front of people
Speaking in front of people

I once presented an academic paper before a hundred or more people. That was in 2011 during an international engineering symposium. And someday I will make it up to a thousand people.

And in case you are wondering, the paper was on Electronic Source Code Plagiarism Detection.

7. Publish a book

They say that writing a book about a subject makes you a kind of authority on that subject. This might be the right motivation for you to get started on that book. And yes, that book could even boost your career to the next level. So why not pen this one down on your bucket list?

Speaking of which, I have converted my paper on source code plagiarism detection into a book. God willing, I will publish that book this year (2019) and cross this item off my bucket list.

8. Take a drive to an unplanned destination

This is certainly another bucket list recommendation that adventurers would love. Take a spontaneous drive to an unplanned destination. And in the spirit of adventure, you do not have to drive. You could as well take a bus ride.

I have always wanted to ride on a bus to a destination I have never visited before. And upon getting there, I look around, take a drink, take a deep breath and then return. And yes, I also intend to drive myself to an unplanned destination too, someday.

9. Fly in a hot air balloon

This is one thing I also want to do. And hey, if you know where I can do this in Nigeria, please let me know! Who knows… we both can get it off our bucket lists together.

10. Leave a $500 dollar tip for a waiter or waitress

Depending on who you are, $500 dollars could either be a lot or not so much. But imagine the story that the waiter or waitress would share when they get off work that day. Imagine the joy and happiness that it would give them in that moment.

You givers out there should get in on this!

Oh, and when you are doing this, please do so in actual dollar bills. Do not give them the equivalent of $500 dollars in your local currency.
Irrespective of the country you will be doing this at, hand over five crisp dollar bills. And God bless you for that!

So, what do you think about these bucket list recommendations? Would you be adding any to your bucket list? What exciting bucket list recommendations can you share with us?

Please do so in the comment section below.