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One Thing That Will Make You Irreplaceable

Some people are expendable. I mean, if we fail to show up today, there would be at least five more people waiting to fill our positions. But there are some who are irreplaceable. They remain relevant within the organization. It is almost as though they are “untouchable”.

I am sure there are many reasons why some people are irreplaceable in an organization. But there is this one thing that will make you irreplaceable at your organization. Let me illustrate.

A Short Story

There once was an businessman who had two children: John and Jane. John was the first and older child, while Jane was the second and younger child.
The businessman had come of age, and was ready to pass on his flower business on to one of this two children. So he brought them together, to break the news.

Jane will take over the flower business from now on” the old man said.
Father, what are you talking about!?” the son exclaimed. “I am older” he added, “and so I deserve to run the business” John continued.

The old man remained quiet for a few moments. And then he said to the son “We need to restock our inventory for the coming month. Hurry down to our partner Chichek down town and ask of they have any flowers for us.
John did as his father asked. He dashed down town and returned about an hour later and said “Father, Chichek has six dozen orchids for sale.” His father thanked him, and turned to his sister Jane.

Jane“, he said, “We need to restock our inventory for the coming month. Hurry down to our partner Chichek down town and ask if they have any flowers for us.

Like her elder brother, Jane did as her father asked. She dashed down town and returned about an hour later. But she gave a different report.
Father, Chichek has two dozen red orchids, two dozen white orchids and two dozen blue orchids for sale. The blue orchids cost $800 per dozen while the red and white orchids cost $650 per dozen. There is also a 10% discount if we buy two dozen of each, and a 15% discount if we buy all three dozens of each, at once.

At this point, John say up, paying more attention to Jane as she continued to report. “Chichek also said that if we wait for a week or so, they will have the green orchids which was our best seller last month. And that if we pay half of the price for the green ones now, we get a 15% discount plus free delivery when they arrive.

The old man, full of delight, thanked Jane for her report. And then he turned to John and said “That is why Jane gets to run the business from now on!“.

Take Initiative

A lot of people are good at following instructions and nothing more. They do the least required of them, always needing to be told what else to do. After all, it may not be in their job description.

And those who are irreplaceable? They do not have to be micromanaged and do not just do what is required. They take initiative and do their jobs thoroughly because anything worth doing is worth doing well. They do a good job that speaks well for itself, and that is their mantra. And this is how they stay relevant and irreplaceable.

Irreplaceable people are proactive and take initiative without being told. They go the extra mile by reaching out and asking questions. They are ready to help and not afraid to seek for help too.

Being irreplaceable means putting yourself out there and not waiting for life to come to you. And in the corporate world, only the few like Jane would always be relevant and irreplaceable.

And those who only do what they are told, who always need to be managed or micromanaged? They end up being replaced by the Jane’s of the corporate world.

Are You Replaceable?

So, are you? Will you keep waiting for life? Or will you take the initiative and go out there to become relevant?

Your call!