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Am I in a Mind or Computer Simulation?

Have you seen the movie Source Code? It was about a man who survived a train explosion. They kept his mind alive in a kind of computer simulation in an attempt to find out who caused the explosion. The man had no idea he was now in a simulation, until towards the end of the movie.

A similar thing happened at the end of the movie Upgrade. when an AI locked a man within a false reality inside the man’s own mind. Whenever I visited Nigeria before I finally returning from Cyprus, I used to visit Lagos a lot. One day I was heading back to my late brother’s place when I boarded one of those yellow Danfo buses.

I sat in the first row, right after the driver’s row. I sat in the middle of that row, so I was right between the driver seat and front passenger seat. Then a man came in to sit next to me, to my right-hand side. He dropped a big, black nylon bag on the space right in front of me.

Boko Haram?

Now, this was during a time when Boko Haram attacks were rampant around the country. And people used to drop “litter bombs” like this, and walk away. I remember a video of a suspicious black nylon back left unattended in public, in broad daylight. A policeman tried to look inside, and it exploded!

Okay, let us get back to the black nylon bag in front of me…

The man dropped the bag and said “abeg, I wan go piss; I dey come” and he left! It was dark. It was night. And all kinds of thoughts came to mind…

  • What if there is a bomb inside the black nylon bag?
  • Or what if the man detonates the bomb when he has gotten to a safe distance?
  • And what if the man is a Boko Haram member?

Considering the bombings in the country at that time, why was no one else suspicious of this? A man dropping off a black nylon bag and walking right away should raise some suspicion, right?. Shortly after, the man returned. The bus got full and we were all on our way to our intended destination. Phew!

Mind Simulation?

And until this day, some questions have been stuck in my head…

  • What if there was a bomb in that black nylon bag, and it actually detonated that night?
  • Maybe I actually died that night, and my mind is trying to protect me from the trauma, by feeding me some false reality?
  • Or am I currently living in a false reality inside my own head, like in the movie Upgrade?
  • What if the remains of my body are on life support in some medical facility somewhere? And then my mind is connected up to a computer simulation, like in the movie Source Code?

I mean, what if!?

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