Mind Reader

Remarkable Coincidence, or Mind Reader?

When a remarkable coincidence happens, some tend to believe that a higher power must be responsible. But if such occurrences never happen again, then they must be remarkable coincidences. Right?

I did my secondary school at the Federal Government College in Warri. During mid-term breaks, I would return home to my family in Benin. From time to time, my father would have one of his drivers come to Warri and drive me down to Benin.

Something Happened

On one of my trips from Warri to Benin, something happened. I do not remember the driver’s name, but I remember that we hardly spoke during that trip. I was probably 13 years old or so… What would we even talk about?! I also remember that I sat at the back seat, behind the driver. I rested my head on the driver’s seat from behind.

So there I was, faced down, looking at the foot mat when I asked a question in my mind: How much longer before we reach Benin? Imagine my shock when the driver answered the question I had asked in my mind, almost immediately!

I mean, one or two seconds after I asked the question in my mind, he said “Don’t worry, we’ll get to Benin in about so and so minutes”.

Me: 😳

What About You?

Has this every happened to you before? Have you ever asked a question in your mind, and received the answer from someone out loud? Almost as if they read your mind? I have another story like this for another Sunday.

So what do you think? Was he a mind reader? Or what this a remarkable coincidence? Let me know what you think in the comments section below. Thanks.

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