Tobore Omuta: One Month Without My Childhood Hero

It was only after his passing that I realized what an amazing guy Tobore Omuta was. And he was my childhood hero, today makes it one month since his passing.

On this day in February, I was crying my eyes out in shock, anger, rage, pain, resentment, and disbelief! “God, why?!” And He said nothing! But God remains God, you know 😏 So many questions, so many answers that will not come now, or even in this lifetime.

Still, I have made my peace with this loss 😔

I felt that life was not fair to him. But then someone reminded me that life is not fair to us all. We all have to make do with the cards we get in life. What if Tobore got a different set of cards? Or what if he got cards from a different deck? What would change? Would anything change? Who knows!? I know I do not know!

But Tobore Omuta, in his passing, taught me so much! And even while he was with us, I learned some from him.
Some of you know how organized I can be. I even take pride in how organized I can be. But whenever I am around Tobore, I am reminded that I am still a learner when it comes to keeping things organized.

Tobore’s level of organization was on a different level! And the man documents shit! He documents every freaking thing!!! Like, you’ll think he had OCD or something lol. Being so organized with his things documented helped me understand him even more, now that he is gone. It has also made it easier to sort most of his affairs.

But I still have to remind myself that I will not be seeing him again 😑

The last time I saw him, he looked so peaceful. I told myself, “He will soon get up, do not worry 😬”. “He even looks like he is only sleeping… he will open his eyes and this will all be an elaborate prank or something 😂”

But no 😭

He left some big shoes for me to fill, that I am going to need shoe pads to get started 🤣. I do not even know where I can find that size of shoe pads to buy 🤔.

I will miss him forever!

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