About 2016

Let me share with you some thoughts and facts about my year 2016.   The Single Best Thing that Happened Since 2012 or so, my friend Kevin has been calling me “Uncle Oki”. But in 2016, I officially became an uncle with the birth of my younger sisters first birth. My new nephew, who happened to be my namesake, was my parents’ first grandchild.   The Single Most Challenging Thing that Happened

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366 Things I am Grateful for

Keeping a gratitude log is not easy, and believe me when I say so. This is the second year I had to keep a gratitude log for an entire year. My first year-round gratitude log was in 2015. Before that, I wrote initially attempted to write three things I was grateful for some years ago. I ended up with 69 things I was grateful for. Now that 206 is over, I can finally share my daily gratitude log with…

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Gratitude Challenge Life

100 Things to be Thankful For

The focus for the 51st week (December 18 – December 24) of the 52 Weeks of Gratitude Challenge was: 100 Things to be Thankful For Looking back at the year 2016, there are so many things to be thankful for, well over a hundred. If I should recollect all the bottles of red wine we drank, in celebration for one thing or the other, it should come close to a few dozens. Some of those bottles counted multiple…

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