Fear of Failure: It Is Not Failure You Fear

Is it failure we actually fear? Or do we fear what people would say or think about us, if we failed? I mean, is fear of failure real?   If we did not seek anyone’s approval, would we still fear failure? If we are not trying to prove ourselves to people other than our own selves, would we still fear failure? If we knew that nobody will condemn or criticize us afterwards, would we still…

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Life Thoughts

A Negative Mind and Fear: Siblings or Offspring?

One morning while making myself a cup of coffee, I realized one thing. Fear is often associated with negativity. Perhaps people don’t see this association, but think about it for a moment. Could negativity be the father (or mother) of fear? Perhaps, negativity gives birth to fear, no? Think with me for a moment… have you noticed that fear and negativity often to go hand in hand? Wherever you find fear, there you will often also find a negative mind.…

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