Who Should Do the Pampering in a Relationship?

Who do you think should do the spending and pampering in a relationship? The man or the woman? St. Valentine’s day was just last week… who did the spending and pampering in your relationship? Before I answer this question, let me explain something that causes unnecessary issues in relationships.   Expectations As human beings, we go about our days with expectations. When we sit on a chair, we expect it to hold, and not break.…

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Life Relationships

7 Lessons I Learned from My Friends in 2016

The year 2016 has come and gone. But I want you to expect a couple of write ups related to last year. I have a few more to write. Have you read the four lessons that I learned from my friends in 2015? If you have, then you should know that I pay attention to my interactions with friends. These “lessons from friends” were not taught to me directly. I picked these lessons from my friends…

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Random Relationships

5 Tips for Better and Meaningful Relationships

We all desire to be better; to be a better boyfriend or girlfriend, a better entrepreneur, a better member of society, or to experience better relationships. Even so, better and successful relationships are built by design, and not by default. That means WE have to make deliberate efforts as our role in the equation is crucial. So here are some tips on how you can build better, meaningful, long-lasting personal and possibly professional relationships. 1. Be…

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Relationships Thoughts

How We Let Hurt Kill Our Relationships

Sometime ago, I talked about how silence kills relationships because people let it happen. This time, let me talk about about how we let hurt kill out relationships, after first damaging them. So I met this girl back in 2008/2009, but the state of our current relationship started around summer of 2010. She has implied that we’re soulmates at least 3 times since we met, and I could easily call her my significant other. We have such a special relationship,…

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